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  1. I have two: "Speak confidently as if you are right but listen carefully as if you are wrong." "The distance between your dreams and reality is called action."
  2. This is a tough one for me since I'm part of a generation that grew up around smartphones and tablets and whatnot, but I guess the polaroid instant camera is super cool! I know they're still selling now, but they're kind of a niche-thing. Typewriters are also quite interesting and fun.
  3. Understandable, glad to hear that other bugs are okay though! Ay, being okay with bugs is great. Ladybugs and butterflies are such chill bugs, I wouldn’t mind them landing on me either. Also aw, glad you saved the praying mantis’s life, that’s so good!! I do the same thing with spiders - I see them, I take them outside. Those pesky mosquitoes though, very annoying indeed. Yeah, definitely can see why you feel tense when one buzzes by. I would too, and even though I’m not horribly allergic, I still feel a bit tense myself because I wouldn’t want to get stung. Having a spider jump on you would be like a jumpscare in real life - scary. The praying mantis sure is an interesting bug. I find its shape fascinating, but I can see it being seen as freaky. 👀 I respect your opinion of not being a fan of bugs in general, to each their own. Having a spider pop out on the walls or in clothing would definitely freak me out, though at least the kind you mentioned isn’t poisonous. Australia is filled with interesting creatures, bugs and spiders included, so I’m not surprised that the huge spider is native to that country. A dance with a dying cicada? 😦 Sounds…interesting. 👀 I had no idea of that fact either, but I would’ve never done that, so I wouldn’t be the one testing that. I know right? I would also not care as much as long as it’s not bothering me. Knowing where they’re at is something I have to know too, otherwise I would slightly panic. 🤣 Swallowing a couple of spiders in your sleep sounds terrifying, I’m surprised you’re not bothered by it, haha! I will say though, if I had to compare throat v.s. ear, I would much rather have a bug or spider crawl into my throat. Having anyone in my ear is a big no no for me as well. Honestly true! Seeing people freaking out would want to make me freak out too. Once panic sets in, it’s hard to reason at first. Glad to hear that you don’t like squishing spiders and bugs, makes me happy on the inside. 🤣 Oh yes, cockroaches are absolutely everywhere. Even witnessed one in Moscow, Russia. It’s crazy. 😬 Go cats! 🐱😆 Oh nice, big gardens are lovely! And yes, I imagined cats destroying the big critters, lol. It’s too bad the ant leaders didn’t listen. I guess chemical weapons were the only way. 😔 Ah, you even gave them a peace offering, haha! Too bad they didn’t listen either. Death sentence it is. 💀 Anyways, thank you everyone for your responses! 🤗
  4. Well, let’s see… 1. Not necessarily, but I’m working on it. 2. Big yes, I’m really proud of myself! 3. I have written a story, haven’t finished it yet though. Will take a while, but I’m glad that I, at least, published a couple of chapters already. 4. Not yet, but I’m working on it as well! 5. I have learned a new skill and enhanced it, so I’m happy. 6. Big big big, humongous yes. 😁 7. Haha, of course. 😌 8. I’m getting closer. I need to practice more speaking and listening, otherwise then I’ll be all set. Overall, some ended up failing, some are in progress, some are completed. It do be like that sometimes. I sure am, hopefully you are too!
  5. Yeah, mosquitoes are a big pain in the butt. Ay, glad we’re on the same page! 😆
  6. brillzart


    I do love me a good bouncy ball though. Fun to play with.
  7. Haha, so, this is probably one of the most random topics you all have seen on the Forums, but I'm genuinely curious about this. I personally love most from both groups. Obviously, there are bugs and spiders I avoid like mosquitos, wasps, and black widows, but besides the harmful ones, I really see nothing wrong with the rest. Whenever one crawls or flies in my house, or even just near me, the most I could get is annoyed, but I still try to free them outside and everything. I always felt sad when I'd see a harmless bug or spider crawl in front of a person, and then that person would squish it like it hurt their family. Also, I know that a fear of bugs/spiders is fairly common, which I feel bad about. I know that fears are hard to control, so this doesn't include the people who have phobias, but I wish regular folk would be more thoughtful about the creatures' lives. Let me know your thoughts below though! This is just my opinion about them, maybe some of you have a completely different one, while others agree. Guess I'll have to see.
  8. Daaamn, that sounds brutal! 🥶 I have been around snow too, so I know how that's like at least. Ahhh, that sounds so nice!! Besides the sweating part, that sounds ideal for me, I would love an all-year long summer. I actually know quite a few winter people, but also the kinds of winters they experience range from 4-10 degrees, so nothing compared to -50 (I wrote those degrees in Celsius). Your argument is actually legit, I may or may not want to borrow it for the next time I have to convince a person that summers are awesome. 😂
  9. Hello. 👋 Time for another fun topic to discuss! 😄 What is your favorite season of the year? I know that for some people it's summertime, while for others it's wintertime. For me, it's summertime, and I'm loving the heat. 🤣 But maybe you prefer when it's cooler, so let me know your opinion down below!
  10. Wow, I've never heard of Yoruba before. Sounds like a cool language though! 😀 English gang. 😎
  11. French sounds so pretty. 😍 English is cool too. 👍 Well, if you want, then you can go ahead and learn German. That would be awesome.
  12. I like how both sound, very nice genres. 😀 I agree, it’s a fuel to my work as well. I have listened to those three genres, and it’s time for me to thank you for recommending them, I liked them. 😆 Honestly, I like techno too. I listen to it sometimes. 👍 All kind of music except the rock&rap means too much rock-rap, but mostly metallic, soft, classic, pop-jazz, K-pop, lofi or old classic grunchs....80's 90's and other languages songs.....Turkish, German, Spanish, Arabic Chinese, Korean and Cosplays or Anime musics. I definitely like some of the genres you mentioned: metallic, soft, pop-jazz, lofi. Other languages songs are so cool to listen to, I love listening to songs in other languages too. I actually ended up liking all of them. Last one was my favorite. 😀
  13. Ay, those all sound very cool! Keep going with that language learning. 😄
  14. Hope everyone is having a good day/night today! If not, hopefully tomorrow will be better. 💚💙

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