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  1. I'd Got my level 1 Badge in May Evaluation. But, after getting my level 1 badge, I haven't got any new order till now! Would you tell me why I won't Get new order. And one more thing, I've seen always 700+ Buyer Requests in my buyer requests Section. why I'm seeing more than 700 Requests all the time? All of them are back dated. Advance Thanks To all
  2. Welcome to the Fiverr Forum. Keep spending time here, You will learn Many thing
  3. Hello everyone. I’ve Completed 14 orders. But, for 1month+, I didn’t get any orders from any new Customer. Even No buyer won’t Inbox me. In this Situation, What should I do to get new customers? Experienced Sellers, Please help me
  4. Hello Dear, I’ve already faced this stage. It’s really very enjoyable when you will get the First order. You need to do the best SEO in your Gigs and need to promote your Gigs. And Sent Regular 10 Buyers Request. Hopefully, You will get your first order Very Soon
  5. Hello Dear, Welcome to the Fiverr Forum
  6. Thanks Bro. Really Fiverr is a place of Learning
  7. Wecome To fiverr. For growing up your profile you have make gig by doing SEO optimization. Spent moe time on fiverr
  8. Welcome to fiverr. Have a nice jounrney in fiverr.
  9. Make your gig by analysis others gig. Do best SEO to earn a good position
  10. My gig impression is going down day by day. Regularly I share my gigs in various social media. and spent time on Fiverr more than 8 hours in a day. But my impression is going Down Regularly. I had created a new gig 2 days ago. But there no impression yet. Please tell me why these things are happening on my gig? Thanks in Advance
  11. Welcome To Forum Community. I wish you for the best success rom Fiverr. Happy Freelancing Dear
  12. I’m afraid 😀 . May be ghost sent you a message and you can’t see it. Check spam message, hopefully, you will find the ghost
  13. I have Made this gig more than 5 days. But the impression is now only 10. Don’t know why I didn’t get impression in this gig. Please let me know if there were error in my gig. Check out the Gig https://www.fiverr.com/share/DQVlrX Thanks In Advance.
  14. Don’t worry dear. Don’t lose hope. May be a great offer is waiting for you .
  15. I wish you would get your first order very soon .
  16. For growing up level you should keep your rating above 4.7 out of 5. So its not matter only one order cancellation if you done more order.
  17. Welcome to Fiverr Forum. All the best dear.
  18. Hello There! I’m a new seller on Fiverr join recently. I have a lot of experience in social media marketing. Recently I’ve made 2 gigs above social media marketing. I am preparing my third Gig on Social media manager. Can anyone suggest to me, how I can make this gig for more impression? Thank You
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