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  1. Thanks @Kesha. I just went back and checked every one of my portfolio entries, and the "industry" entries were all in English.
  2. Yes, that's what many sellers complained about in 2018. No one has the right to disclose my earnings to anyone! Probably enough turnover within Fiverr that the new developers didn't even know about this previous attempt to reveal earnings. I don't see a lot of retained institutional knowledge at work with this move.
  3. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The product team has been made aware of this hiccup and will work to resolve it. Awesome, @Kesha! Thanks for passing this along to the product team.
  4. @Kesha here is another seller talking about the dropdown lists being populated with Spanish, like I experienced.
  5. I verified once for the first Profession, and didn't have to for the next two.
  6. The wording sounds familiar - it's similar to Fiverr Business and Fiverr Enterprise. "You're one of the first ones selected." They want you to feel like one of the elite few to get in on the new initiative. Then they flood the catalog with so many entries it doesn't feel very special. Since the New Level System got put in place in February, my business on Fiverr has dropped to nothing, even though I'm a TRS, Fiverr Pro, Success Score 10. Now they want me to believe I'm something special because I'm "one of the first ones selected." If that's not a double message, I don't know what is.
  7. I got the notification, and began to get set up. @Kesha I noticed a couple of things right off: 1) The "Industry" pull down list looks like it was randomly compiled from another resource. The entries are in no particular order, and have sections followed by "other" multiple times. This feature is terrible to work with. Could they possibly alphabetize the entries? 2) When I added the entries for my Portfolio, I happened to go back and spot check a couple, and some of the "Industry" entries after they were saved showed up in Spanish. I contacted CS, and their answer was "it's your computer, clear cache and cookies, etc." I suspect the developers of this initiative are the ones who could most accurately address this issue.
  8. Absolutely! RTO is a game changer. The rest - very little value.
  9. For me it has taken the form one "m.od" in particular who has consistently stalked me, removing posts and banning me from posting for a week at a time to the point of sheer harassment simply for "wrongthink." If only they put that energy into the thieves who scam all day long. They are somehow protected, coddled and encouraged. Thanks for the clarification. That is just wrong!
  10. What does that smackdown consist of?
  11. This is a great one! As if they ever still do "manual matching!"
  12. Wow - this is huge news when another major seller leaves. I just watched the video - compelling!
  13. I'll tell you: it's because gen alpha and Z aren't able to hold a job for more than six months before moving on Just wondering - are there any adults in the room when these youngster/developers are changing things "just because they can?" I agree. And all of this could have been avoided if they just bothered running in by some of their senior sellers, like us, before they launched it. I'm sorry, that just wouldn't work - it makes too much sense.
  14. What a great idea fiverr… didn’t you get rid of editing reviews a few years ago because it was a horrible idea? How did a horrible idea again became this brilliant idea? 🤦‍♀️ I bet it's a new set of developers who just "discovered" this concept, and don't remember what went before.
  15. Check the date. If it is today, they don't update the impressions until much later in the day, so yours will show 0 for right now.
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