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  1. Thank you for this @frank_d! I have watched today's webinar about the new leveling system, but I have to say I was not able to figure out how it really works. They said this change is "pro-sellers" but I honestly can't agree for now. My situation.. For personal reasons, I have been away from Fiverr for a while, had to cancel orders, replied late and delivered late. I was Level 2 and now I am back to being Level 0 and I have no idea where to start or what to do to gain orders and customers again, specially with this new leveling system.. How can people in situations like mine get back on track again? Should we create new gigs? Delete this account and start from zero?? I am honestly so hopeless right now about my Fiverr account.. and these changes they are implying are not helping at all.. 😞
  2. Hi everyone! I've started the journey on Fiverr in 2020 and used this platform as an extra income. I was doing quite well, but then started with late deliveries, order cancellations and been inactive for months since 2023 due to pregnancy and other personal reasons. Now, I want to get back on track, but I was wondering.. Should I continue with my existing account even though I know it should not be first in research due to the latest performances? Or should I cancel it and start anew with a new account? Also I see there are so many changes here on Fiverr, which are the biggest changes I should be informed about? Thank you in advance! 🙂
  3. Please take a look at this @mjensen415
  4. Found this topic and couldn't help but drop by and share my closeness to people who have to undergo all of this. What is happening these days is so sad and I can only hope and pray that this will all end soon and not get worse. I think it's so nice of Fiverr to take this initiative and pay more attention to buyers/sellers from Ukraine. I hope you guys are all safe!
  5. I don't think there's any specific gig that's more profitable.. and you should not even create a gig according to its profitability. First thing is you should do is analyze yourself, your skills,.. What is one thing you're good at and won't get tired of doing over and over again? I believe that you should also love what you do, skills should be accompanied by passion.
  6. Definitely a dog person! I love dogs and I would love to have one so badlyyyy. I like cats too, but sometimes they seems scary aaaand I get asthma around them, so...
  7. I also have encountered many buyers/sellers who called me “m’am”… Some male buyers even called me “dear” and sometimes even sent hearts to thank me. 😶 Most of them were Europeans. It honestly does not bother me when it comes from female repeated buyers, with which I’ve started building some kind of “friendly relationship”… But yea… I always try to keep it professional and simple, with “hi/hello” or by calling them by their name. On the other side, I am asian and in our country it’s completely normal to call someone “sir, m’am”. It’s some way of approaching the other person with respect. I was born and raised in Europe so, it sometimes sounds weird and “too much” for me too.
  8. Yes! I am trying to optimize my gigs in the meantime, but I’ve heard that editing gigs can make you lose your ranking or make the gig disappear from the search engine for a while, so I’m trying not to overdo it. Thank you so much for the helpful suggestions and comforting words, much appreciated 😊
  9. As far as I can see, every situation is different. What you said about the SSM suggesting you different keywords, because I am a writer, I have keywords like article and blog in my gig title and as keyword tags, yet I am ranked among the first if you search for that keyword. Regarding the review thing… it matters how many orders you process. If you have 200 orders per month and you have 1-2 bad reviews, those don’t really matter that much. But if you just have 20-30 orders a month, then the review does matter a lot more. That’s why I believe the amount of orders you process every month is crucial. At least that’s what I see in my case. If you process lots of orders, whenever you cancel it doesn’t matter that much, although it takes half a day or so to receive a new order. That is, if you already delivered other stuff you had in queue. I do agree that having orders in revision mode and stuff like that is bad, and it will have a negative impact, I saw that. Thanks for your reply! Yes, of course I understand that. I’m definitely not one of those who get 200 orders per month 😛 I got 29 orders in February and then really saw a decline in inquiries, messages and orders in March after that negative review. And now, I don’t know how to “get back up” again. Nothing seems to work.
  10. I really think this is true! I wish this was true. I’ve been facing a “dry moment” here on Fiverr after receiving a 2.7 review from a very demanding and difficult buyer in February. After that experience I got few orders I successfully completed and yet my stats got even worse.
  11. @giuliacapozzi Hey, check this! Check point number 1. That’s why you couldn’t withdraw the money, because you had to finish the whole project first, but now it has been updated and there’s no need to wait the end of the project 🙂
  12. Yes, I also thought about that. Maybe they could have just simplified it by putting 3 options? Like REALLY BAD, OKAY, VERY GOOD. Since it’s 5 options, I think they consider it like the 5 stars and as you said, if you don’t get 5 stars, it’s no good here on Fiverr…
  13. Couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you, @english_voice!
  14. Exactly my point. By asking buyers to leave “private reviews”, they are making them think they can leave a 5star review and then be honest later anonymously. So what’s the value of the public ones? Both for the seller and for the buyer… Plus, sellers have NO IDEA of what the buyers complained about, and who did, so How can we, as sellers, provide the service and work that buyers are looking for if their complaints and honest reviews are hidden from us?What if a buyer used this against a seller, leaving a very bad private review? How can the seller explain his/her side to CS? They do affect gig rankings. Even more than the public reviews.
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