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  1. I live in the UK, and things here are not super - but not the worst either. Electricity and gas prices are sky high, and our government is far too incompetent to provide the level of support the country needs to tackle the cost of living crisis we are experiencing. They created a mini budget which completely tanked the £ worldwide, and has put us in a really unsure position. Food prices are rises, people can't get mortgages... I don't know where it ends. There is talk of potential scheduled blackouts over winter this year. But day to day at least we are safe. I live in the very north of the UK and daily life here hasn't changed much. It's cold, we are tough and hardy people who will get on with it. So it's nothing compared to what the Ukrainians are going through.
  2. He was actually from Orkney! Which is a set of islands just south of us. But we have Shetland ponies and Shetland sheepdogs, they make us a bit famous! Plus the fair isle pattern of knitting comes from here. But yes, no news. That week there was also a headline about a cafe closing due to a fly infestation (and they believed the flies came from Orkney) 😅
  3. So pleased with this achievement, even if it is a month too late. Frustratingly, I hit all the necessary criteria on 16 May and have been sitting waiting since then for the month to go. So pleased when I got my email today. I don't expect to hit Level Two Seller in the next 60 days, but I'm hopeful I will do it before the year is out. I've got some repeat clients who are ordering from me time and time again, and have just got access to promoted gigs and already had an order through that. I've diversified a bit and put up some new gigs, so hopeful that they will gain some traction too. Onwards and upwards!
  4. Congratulations!! That's huge 🙂
  5. SO this is really specific... but I live in a really rural community and love to pick fun at the sorts of things that happen, that make the news around here. This was one from last year: https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/07/10/rucksack-reunited-with-its-owner/ Now when you actually look into it the rucksack was left on the top of some cliffs so people thought the owner had jumped off, fair enough. They hadn't thankfully. It still made me chuckle, I remember one of the top comments on social media when it was shared was just 'oh thank goodness I can sleep now' haha
  6. This is a fantastic topic! For me, I only started concentrating on freelancing in March this year. Although I have years of writing experience behind me. So here are my goals for the next six months: 1. Get to Level One Seller (3 days to go and I should be there) 2. Get to Level Two Seller (fingers crossed!) 3. Earn a five figure sum for freelancing total for the year. 4. Get 5,000 followers on Twitter (currently at 1100) 5. Get 10,000 followers on Tiktok (currently at 4500) 6. Make £500 on Amazon KDP (a marginal amount really, but still a goal for me) That's it! Or at least that's all I can think of.
  7. Tapadh leat! (Thank you in Scots Gaelic)
  8. You are absolutely not alone! I am just at the beginning of my 'world domination' and I can't wait to see how far I get!
  9. I know English fluently - first language. And I also speak a little Scots Gaelic, Scots language, Shetland dialect. I can speak conversational French, and while I'm definitely far from fluent in German, I can understand enough to get by!
  10. What a story @zeus777! That must have been quite the experience, I'm not sure I would have liked to be so stuck in the middle like that. But I'm sure a part of me would have loved the drama too! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Oh I was just kidding, I'm the same as you, I hate making phone calls. Part of the reason I love being a writing freelancer is that there are very little phone calls and video calls required. It's right up my street! I love that saying, you're completely right!
  12. You can only regain your Fiverr level when you meet the criteria again, bear in mind some of this criteria (maintain a 4.7 rating over 60 days) will take 60 days to come back if you've lost your level. I can see you've made 3 posts about this topic, but the answer isn't going to change. You'll have to wait for them to re-assess you once you meet the requirements again.
  13. Oh yeah for sure! Anyone who is capable of showing they have excellent organisational skills is a good hire. I had to have so many conversations about why it was appropriate to not tell all the details. But no, he seemed to want to share. Oh gee, I love that. A plane ticket! Fair enough if they were going to fund the ticket, but if not then no dice. I'm lucky to be more particular too. I get a lot of homework requests and those are always immediately denied. Go earn your own degree. Oh wow, someone paid you to do that? That's so cool. Maybe I need to set up a Fiverr gig "I will make phone calls for you", wonder how many people would bite! Now this is incredible. I'd love to do that! Poor guy though, at least he was a good sport and followed through. Do you think they maybe thought that the pictures would come out looking different? I don't get why you'd pay all that money... for that. You've done some very cool things! I love the first experience of a business too! Clearly you had an eye for it. I hope to have some fun stories to tell like that in a few years time. I do have some great stories about journalism, but not much else.
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