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Found 18 results

  1. So - the question is more or less simple (though might sound odd at first) but... I'm mostly addressing people who freelance more or less full-time (or at least work from home/away from large offices. As an expat/immigrant/digital nomad (a bit of everything, honestly), I often find it a struggle to find like-minded people at first. I'm not a huge fan of large gatherings so that might also be why! That being said, what's great about my schedule is that it's flexible for the most part. If someone wants to go out on a Tuesday evening, I'm totally OK to go! Still - working from home/alone gets a bit lonely sometimes. So.. what are your ways to make sure you still socialise? Do you have a large network of friends around you? Or if you've settled down near home, did you manage to keep in contact with old friends? (this is genuinely out of curiosity! I have very social weeks and then just... disappear into nothing for a month but it's a decent balance to be honest, however I'm also not completely alone here which is why I think my experience might be a bit different from others!)
  2. Hey all! I miss random casual conversation (and just killing time for a bit!) so... given recent events, I've gotten curious about other freelancers'.... hair, yes. I've always felt like since I freelance, it's been easier to dress/go crazy with my hair and stuff, so last week I booked an appointment and... yeah, now I have the Northern lights on my head! Still figuring out a way to make a new profile picture (that fits the business profile requirements) but also shows off my new 'crown' but I felt like I might as well show it off here. (might have had a similar topic ages ago, but with the panini and all, I feel like things might have changed!) So yeah, what's the craziest hair you've ever gotten? Or are you planning on ever doing something 'odd'? (and, out of curiosity, do people give you odd looks for crazier colours where you live? I definitely got some weird looks when they were taking photos of my hair outside of the salon, but otherwise it's been pretty good, I'm just curious.) (attached the hair in question, of course.)
  3. So, the story goes (because with me, there will always be a story) is that -I'm not good at staying hydrated At all. I don't like water and honestly struggle with other drinks as well (not always, depends.) Now what I do love is copious amounts of tea - so when I can be bothered, that's what I make (or coffee). Even now, I have a coconut lemon meringue tea on the side of my desk, with loads of honey (I caught a bit of a cold in Poland, probably because I couldn't figure out how NOT to have the AC on in my hotel room (it MIGHT also be a new requirement of not heating up the place too much, but based on how dry/cold the air was, it felt like AC.) Anyway, so I'm always up to trying new things (new flavours, juices, etc.) so.. Tell me, what keeps YOU hydrated? Are you a water-all-day person? Or do you sip on soda while working? We ordered some box hot chocolate mix weeks ago but never got it (eek) so I'm even considering picking that up next time in the store. I'm also (just in general) curious about people who primarily freelance/work from home - how good are you at reminding yourself to drink? When I nannied/taught, I feel it was easier in a way since I saw the kids drink and my brain went 'oh. by the way, it's 2 and you haven't had a single sip of water since the morning'. So yeah, I'd love to hear what you love to drink / how you make sure you don't get dehydrated! (this post is unedited/not proofread as I'm just bored/sick and curious.)
  4. When I started focusing on writing full-time, I had a period of time when I had catered food (due to where I was living.) It was great, but part of me missed being able to choose what to eat/when to eat/etc. So when I moved out a few months back I actually started cooking way more often from scratch. It's honestly quite daunting sometimes because I had close to 0 knowledge before... However, as time passes, it's getting easier and easier to get meals together and actually make them make sense. Also - (if my friends saw this post, they'd be happy) raising my prices helped me with having more time for myself (and more money as well.) In a way, cooking has became a hobby (though I still eat out quite a bit, mostly lunches though.) Anyway, rambles aside, here's a thread to brag about your cooking knowledge (OR the amazing take-out you're planning to get because it's Thursday and you deserve it!) Pictures would be a bonus for a foodie like me! We're having pancakes (not the one cooking today) because it's a Swedish thing apparently - though it's served with pea soup that we are NOT having (sorry, not a huge fan!) Yesterday I made ramen from scratch for the third time - and it was... amazing! But I'm kind of happy to switch it up with something a bit sweeter today! (totally unrelated but if anyone has an actually good chasu recipe that works, even if it takes forever... please share.)
  5. And here we are (a bit late, I apologise, I was out with COVID for a whole week, eek!) for our monthly check-in! So... what are you looking forward to in August? Is there anything you're NOT looking forward to? How's July been? (you can answer these questions both in relation to work and just whatever you're willing to share with us!) July was... great for me in many ways, though it was my lowest month work-wise (mostly because I took most of it off, and THEN got sick because of course that's how it works. So... if we think about how I really only worked properly for a week, I think I did well! (Actually, I did get TRS this month so... that must mean something!) That being said, my anxiety has been kind of rough. Had a few attacks while abroad, nothing bad but still a bit annoying, things seem to have calmed down a bit, though. It's really quite hot here (compared to the regular temperature I guess) so that's been annoying as well. But August... August is gonna be interesting. I'm going to try working from an office (outside of home) as much as I can, so I'm looking forward to that quite a bit. I'm also trying to plan an 'adventure' weekend in a few weeks, though I've yet to really think of what we'll do! Something fun that's also happened lately is that I've started expanding my cooking repertoire. I've made ramen a few times and it's been a huge hit, but I'm also just using the wok in different ways as well AND just in general hunting down recipes for more fun stuff. As the weather will gradually get colder I'm planning to get an airfryer and 'fake-fry' some stuff in it! I've also started (sort of) planning our trip for next summer, which is... terrifying as it's to a place I've never been (Japan!) Of course, things might still change because of COVID and all but especially this week while I was sick I started looking up places and stuff! I'm not sure if there's anything I'm explicitly not looking forward to this month, to be honest. I already have quite a lot of work due this month but I think it'll be fun - and hopefully I'll also get to play some of the games I've worked on! That's honestly roughly it for me though - but I'd genuinely love to know what you all will be up to! (though if you're going on vacation, I'll be a tad jealous!)
  6. Just as the question asks, what languages do you know? I know English, Russian, and conversational Dutch! ๐Ÿ˜
  7. With the weather getting gradually more and more unbearable, I find myself waking up much earlier than normal these days. Well, it's either the blinding light coming through the windows (need to get new curtains) or that, so... Granted, I'm in Sweden and the 'heat' so far is what, max. 25 degrees or so (so it has nothing on the actual heatwave) but obviously our place was built to trap the warmth in, not let it out! Basically, I noticed that even though I was still on 'holiday'-ish up until now, my routine has shifted to waking up earlier, getting stuff done and then resting when it gets too hot to think. I will be going back to outside offices (hopefully with AC) this week, but there is a big part of me that loves this change. Having more time in the day means more time to brainstorm stuff both work and life-wise. So... my question today is simple: does your schedule change during the summer? Does it stay the same? (also, this IS your daily reminder to drink plenty of water!)
  8. After a couple of really busy weeks (both work and personal-life wise), I'm currently in a coffee shop typing away and couldn't help but wonder about the title for a second. I didn't always think I would be a writer, after all - mostly because I wasn't sure I'd actually make it. I never really had a 'plan' after I'd stop travelling and working as a nanny/teacher after all (though I knew I wouldn't be able to do it forever.) I wanted to keep moving, so I wanted something flexible and well... Here I am now, freelancing. Despite everything, I don't think the flexibility is my favourite part of the job. What I love is being able to be creative. All the different games I get to work on, all the fun projects - they are... hard, in a way, because even thinking requires brains (and something I burn out easier than I'd like) but... I LOVE coming up with ideas. And... I love it when people cherish my work. A couple of times I've gotten reviews that almost made me tear up. Working on longer projects is risky (to some extent) but when someone reads through 20-30k words and just raves about it makes me realize WHY I love writing. I love being able to share my 'world' with others, to sneak a bit of the quirkiness that makes me, well, out into the open. It's taxing and hard but it's... what keeps me going. (as an addendum, I'm very obviously neuro-divergent though currently in the process of trying to get diagnosed, so for a very long time I wasn't really understood by those around me. I'm very open about this now, but I struggled a lot with anxiety/etc. because of this - I'm on the mend now but things weren't always this way!) So... with my somewhat emotional rant on what I love about writing over... what do YOU love about what you do? Not just in a freelancing sense but just in general?
  9. Happy Sunday people! As a freelancer, one of the perks (and curses) of making our own schedules is that sometimes... we end up working over the weekends! While I don't take the them off completely, I always try to give myself some extra slack during them (and treat myself to some really nice food!) Yesterday we went out and had Indian food for dinner - I swear the food at that place is absolutely heavenly. It was really funny though because we go there so often that we got a bonus appetizer because we're regulars! Today is ramen time! Other than that, I make sure to take some time to walk around a bit outside, get some (Swedish, so sometimes non-existent) sun in, chat with friends and family... So, here's my question to you all: what do you do to make the weekends feel a bit more special?
  10. I have used promote gig option past 1.5 years. But I see new things on Fiverr. After reaching 1400 feedback, I work with a few clients, so I have only a $25 order running in this new month, but every time my average running order is $700+ when the new month starts. But this time, I had only $25. I checked my gig promoted charges of $90. I have no $ available, and then I see Fiverr load $90 by themself, so I don't get why Fiverr loads the $80 on my account๐Ÿ˜… but when the new order was completed, they took all the $ automatically and no withdraw option. I was worried about what was happening๐Ÿ˜“ . after completing the $90 order, I had $10 available for withdrawal ๐Ÿ˜… and I relaxed. It was a new experience. So guys, do you have experienced the same things before?? Let me know.
  11. Just as the question asks, what is your favorite color? If you have more than one, list that too! Iโ€™m just curious. ๐Ÿ˜Š My favorite color is blue-purple, a color that can look blue or purple depending on how you see it. ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. I know it's late, I was busy with my birthday last weekend and then... work happened! But... it's almost tradition now and with the summer here, I'm hoping for some fun answers! So, what's happening in June that has you excited/giddy? I'll start (as always.) For small things: I found a recipe for a curry we have in restaurants a lot - this week I'll try cooking it from scratch. Ah, and I got my coldbrew tea bottle from my old place, so I am looking forward to coldbrewing tea/coffee! (it's technically also a thing but I also downloaded the old Chip'n Dale game (for the NES) and I'm about to beat it... dropping it here to kickstart the conversation about games ha!) As for big things... (drumroll!) i'm taking a whole week off for Midsummer (which, by the way, means everything is closed here, apparently, I learned something new this week!) and then... leaving for Paris! It'll only be a few days but I can't wait to go back 'home' (and go to Disney for the second time in two years! (July has more fun stuff planned, like London, watching Hamilton but... JUNE IS PARIS!) So yeah... Are you going somewhere fun? Are you just going to rest by the water back at home? (or work for hours on no end?)
  13. So, the story goes, I might have partied a bit too hard over the weekend! We found an arcade bar with decently priced drinks (but half of the games were broken!) It's VERY rare for me to crave Pizza Hut. There are so many better pizzas (even up here in Stockholm!), but yeah, I felt like I NEEDED Pizza Hut yesterday. So that's what ended up being dinner. Here's the thing: Sweden generally seems to have some interesting pizza topping choices. I have heard rumours of bananas being on pizzas (which is... interesting), and I've seen kebab pizzas (and some other funky stuff.), but I'm almost sure we don't have the CRAZIEST stuff here (hotdogs and fries on pizza is a thing in Italy, after all.) Here's the question: what is your favourite topping on pizza, and what's the craziest pizza topping you've eaten? I think the craziest for me wasโ€ฆ durian. Strawberries/other fruits in China were nothing compared to that experience!
  14. This Sunday, I'm turning my lucky number in age (which is terrifying, I'm getting old!), so I felt like prying into others' birthdays a bit more. Since I'm usually abroad (away from my family), my birthdays tend to be very.... different from one another. This year I'm celebrating with friends (we're having ramen and going singing which is very fun but stressful when the friends invited live 6 hours away from you!) The only 'tradition' I really have is that I usually get a haircut around my birthday, and then post a quick 'sad/emotional' post on facebook. Everything else changes depending on where I am, who I'm with (and honestly... how much cash I have!) SO. Are your birthdays like this as well? Or do you have some fun traditions?
  15. Just a casual talk. I am a left-handed person (but when doing daily things, I can also do it with right hand. I only just felt a little bit weird at the start but when I get use to it, nothing different.). After I graduated from school, my habit of using notebooks(or writing on a book) changed. When we start to write, usually most of the people will write on the first or second right page, right? I also wrote normally when I was in school. But when I graduated from school, I started to write from the last or last second page on the left, specially spiral notebooks. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Usually I use up all the left pages AND THEN I turn the book upside down to continue use the "right pages". So if you see my notebook, you will see two pages but one of them is upside down.๐Ÿคช My friends was super shocked when they borrow my notebooks and ask: "Why are you using the notebook from the last page?" or "Why your writing like this?" Wonder is there any lefties use notebook like I do? Or maybe you are facing another struggles and you have a fantastic solution to it. Feel free to share your stories in the comments.๐Ÿฅฐ
  16. Hey all! Another strange question, and an answer I didn't think I'd have up until yesterday! So, there's people from many countries on here, which means that our tastes might differ (so make sure to be kind), but... that also means that we've all encountered unusual soda/pop/fizzy drink flavours before. I always thought that cotton candy (never had it, just saw it) would be the oddest, BUT a few days back we saw THIS beauty in a shop. Raspberry candy soda. Come on. (I had to buy it. And I love it.) Please spam the funkiest flavours of soda you've had so far! I'd love to see all the 'crazy' flavours from around the world (and maybe order some for some special events!)
  17. Hi, I am Philip a Graphics designer I have been on Fiverr for almost 2 years now, but I have not gotten an order I am very frustrated and I want to request if any one wants to outsource any project to me I can take a test for you to determine my skills before hiring me. i really need to start earning here. I can even show you samples of designs I have done. My profile name is Philtimilehin if you wan to outsource or hire me.
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