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  1. Sure , fiverr change a lot for my life,I've always appreciated working on fiver over the years . Fiverr is amazing. It makes trading simple. Can give play to some of my ideas. It allows me to pay for my daily expenses. I can also have a lot of free time to do something I want to do. Learn something new or do something else. One day, I hope to travel all over the world. Fiverr made me have these fantasies 😍 Although it is not a simple thing to succeed in five, it requires a lot of trial and learning, as well as the process of experiment, until you find your own position and have your own style, customers will become your repeat customers. I'm still learning something new because I don't think I'm successful yet 😊
  2. wampee ? It takes good to me , but some taste sour, Some are only sweet, depending on maturity, Some are sweet and sour , I'm not often use this πŸ˜„
  3. My city has a lot of fruits , Pitaya, litchi, grape, longan, Hami melon, peach, wampee, or much more then 20 kind of differents ,here is some fruits what I often eat ( Well ,Cucumber and carrot slices are not fuits πŸ˜„ )
  4. Congratulations! Great experience! 😍
  5. I used Macbook Air , and I bought it about 5 years ago, very good to use . And I edit video by Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 😁
  6. I would like to go to some countries of Europe , I actually had this plan two years ago, but ..... πŸ˜†
  7. You should focus on : 1. what skills are you good at , what's the difference in your skills you can be offer 2. Look at all the categories shown on the fiver, some you also can do without very good skill, with some interesting idea will works And to be honest , your experience is not enough to provide some of those services, if you can't " Social media Marketing " good for yourself , how can you help any other buyers ? Will you teach them to β€œ Delete the account and re-establish it ” ? You need to learn more about the right way of marketing, rather than thinking about deleting accounts, which is meaningless .
  8. When I was 17, I went to disco for the first time with some friends, listening to the strong and sensational music, I began to feel very interested in dance, to be exact, it's to follow my own feelings and dance freely . over the next few years, I began to learn some simple dances, to perform in some cities .... I had many different careers when I was young, until one day one of a Canadian friend of mine recommended that I use Fiverr , So I started to study it , to do my work on fiverr. I'm glad that I started my own business on Fiverr and got some income to support my basic life , It's a very amazing experience 😁
  9. There are no wild animals in my city πŸ™‚
  10. " I want to know something how you become happy and whatever peoples thinks or talks about you " So people often thinks or talks about you ? For me, I don't have time to focus on how people talk about me or think of me , I think the most important thing at the moment is to learn to make a living, and earn more money for life , because if you have enough money , you can change a lot of things , go to some where to traveling or eat some food or buy somethings that makes you much more happy . " How peoples thinks or talks about me ' , I don't care too much ...
  11. How are you doing lily? I worried about you when COVID was at its high point. Are you staying safe?Β 

    1. lilychinadancer


      Oh, thank you very much for care , my friend. My city has no one got CoVID , we are very safe here πŸ™‚

    2. vickiespencer


      I am so glad to hear that. Our town did not fare so well, but I did not get COVID either!Β 

      Do you live in a smaller community?Β 

    3. lilychinadancer


      Oh, sorry to hear that , hope your city is safe to you .Β  My town has aboutΒ 250 thousand people, not big but not too small too , and I thought many city in China has no CoVID too, and most people were vaccinatedΒ 

  12. I am one of your follower 😁

    1. vickiespencer


      Hi Lily! It is good to see you here!Β 

    2. vickiespencer


      Hi Lily! It is good to see you here!Β 

    3. vickiespencer


      I am following you too!Β 

  13. I hope I can travel to some countries in Europe, such as Germany, France, Italy, Rome or Greece etc. I have some friends in Germany. And looking forward to traveling to other countries too , I'm very curious 😍😁
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