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  1. Hi there. I have experienced the same since the beginning of my Fiverr journey. I would say that 60% of buyers (or more) who reached me out asked details about my services, discussed then vanished. I am used to it, and do not really mind about it at all because I think it's like shopping; they ask then if it is not suitable to them, they go. Some will say thank you, some will just go.
  2. Hi there. I understand your concern. We all know that there are something we could not understand about the SS. Anyway, I would recommend you to keep your Fiverr open not totally leaving. As you said, your old buyer might be back to you for some projects. Good luck.
  3. Hi there. Welcome to Fiverr. Hope you will find your targeted clients soon. Remember that your buyers are not here in the forum. After exploring to your gigs, I think there are many things to be improved so that you can get your first order soon. Mainly about your gig pictures. Make it more clearer. If possible, use white background instead of black. And with 3D view is much better as a gig gallery. Buyers will be attracted to what you show. So make it more attractive as you can. You can check the other gigs in your category to get inspired about their gig pictures gallery and description. But do not copy their gigs. Good luck.
  4. Hi there. I had the same issue one day (last year). Try @designcore69 advice. If it does not work, logout and re-login to your Fiverr account on the mobile app.
  5. Misguiding?🤔🤔 I think you know how to read English right. That's the answer that OP got when asking to CS repeatedly. Actually, that is the fact. Not misguide or discourage the OP's situation. I am not a CS. But simply, OP asked. May be with some proof and evidence. Then they will review it again. And the actual situation is still a final decision. Hope OP will get a good news.
  6. You can keep those 3 gigs. Fiverr will pause 3 of your gigs automatically. You can manage it yourself too and decide which one would you pause and which one would you want to activate.
  7. You are right that the algorithm is not the same. But talking about keywords, SEO and everything should not be an issue for you even if Fiverr algorithm is different. You are here to provide your services, to compete with people with the same skills as you. There are more than 95k services provider about SEO here on Fiverr. In your opinion, which kind of keyword would you use?
  8. michmikaia

    Fiverr order

    OP is not a robot. I assume, you have the right skills to get orders. You are a digital marketer, so, it should be easy for you to get orders.
  9. If I were you, I would try to remember all possible answers. You chose that security question at the beginning, normally you should know the answer.
  10. As @smartdezigns said, you must remember your security question in order to change your old phone number into a new one, and going to the next process of adding payout method. I am sure that this is the answer you will get from CS.
  11. It looks like a scam. @ana_tomy can you check this please?
  12. Hi there. I think that's OK. But I recommend you to use your own devices with Fiverr to avoid issues like location inconsistency. Use your desktop/laptop, and you can use your mobile phone or tablet when you are not at home.
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