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Introducing Seller Plus


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t’s okay if there is any monthly subscription fee, I’m okay with that.

It is $29 a month.

is it still available ?

Yes, I am a member, and it is available for the right sellers, but not all qualify. Plus, I think it was so popular that Fiverr is overwhelmed by the response and does not have enough managers to cover everyone that wants to be in the program.

i am a new saler can i use saler plus ?

New sellers can be invited to join, but they must meet Fiverr’s qualifications.

Super Interested! Would Love to learn more! please invite

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Hello everyone! 

I've been invited to the Seller Plus Program a few months ago but I haven't had the time to join. 

I want to join now because of the keywords features they are offering now.

But when I click the Join Now button it leads me to my Seller Dashboard.

Anyone knows why is that?

I appreciate your help!




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You might need to reach out to Customer Support for an answer. Seller Plus is a relatively new feature, so not much is known about it yet.  Did a message come with the jump to your dashboard?

"As the program is invite-only, it is only accessible to you once you have received your personal invitation to participate in Seller Plus. There is a limit to the number of Sellers that can join the program so if you did receive an invite and then are notified that the program is full, we will be sure to let you know as soon as an opening becomes available."

Source: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360018143698-Seller-Plus-FAQs?segment=seller 

You might also be able to ask here: 


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