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  1. You need to focus on your proposals. Try to read the buyer request and put yourself into customers shoes. And offer him a good solution, if you describe him how you are going to solve the problem, this will attract the buyer and he will definitely going to land in your inbox. Keep patience and send a brief text precisely.
  2. Well, Fiverr algorithm doesn't work that way. Buyer's looking for talent to get their job done. Improve your skills and you will definitely get the clients.
  3. I am really sorry that you had a bad experience with someone, But this is totally wrong that you are accusing this platform where every one is making money. You have the option to cancel the order, refund your money and can find the real one.
  4. Yes you are right by getting few orders earnings will remain the same but we need to keep in mind about the prices of our competitors.
  5. all level sellers were no level once. You are right. You can identify the best talent for you by getting in touch and ask talk about your problems and ask for solutions, Definitely you will get a hint about the seller.
  6. Try to focus on solutions in your buyer requests, that will help you to get the attention of your potential buyers.
  7. get your keywords and optimize them in your title, description and tags, you also need 5start ratings from buyers and after that your gig will be ranked after few days
  8. your order will be automatically marked as completed after 3 days. and after 14 days your payment will get approved for withdrawl, in meantime buyer can ask the fiverr support for refund. You should ask the buyer about the credentials and get his work done to avoid cancellations
  9. Really amazing, looks like there is something big coming
  10. Keep your cover letter description clean and simple: Specify your offer: Make sure you are available today: Don’t send a copy or same cover letter for all client: Bid with an average price: FIVERR BUYER REQUEST SAMPLE OR PROPOSAL (FOR ANY CATEGORY) : ” Hello sir, I have read your project details and I know you want ( describe client demand). I am sure I can give you the perfect work and I am a full-time freelancer. so you will get the best service and support. I am now online for you so if you want you can message me. Best Regards Your name TIPS FOR CLIENT COMMUNICATION Read the first message carefully Don't called sir/madam Ask some question WHY I CAN’T SEE BUYER REQUESTS ON FIVERR? If you are a new seller and you have created your Fiverr account last day or within 24 hours normally you will not see the buyer request on your profile Fiverr buyer request section. It depends on your category but you should wait a minimum of 1 or 2 days first time. Tray to see the buyer request from the evening (Asian country). Because when Asian countries evening time that’s the time most of the clients post their project. also, you can see your buyer request Asian country time 12 am to 3 am and 12 pm to 2 pm. for other countries please try to send your buyer request on USA time 2 pm -3pm and 6 am to 9 am Mainly you should try maximum time search buyer request on Fiverr buyer request section hope you will get the best results. Thanks for the information but we also need to keep in mind about the problem of our buyers we need to focus on the solution in our requests that's where you can get attention of your buyer
  11. yes the keywords should be in your title and description use maximum and relevant keywords. and the description should be written in AIDA model. you can google about the AIDA model
  12. someone will definitely knock if you have right door sign, so try to be precise about the buyer's requirements and show him how you are going to solve the problem.
  13. Search In depth and analyze your competitors search tags you can use variations of search tags.
  14. Fiverr Seller Plus looks interesting and I would like to explore more about the Seller Plus, as I am level 2 seller providing Digital Marketing Services. Actually it sounds great to have that kind of feature to grow more on this platform.
  15. No, never that would be un-professional and un-ethical. I would not recommend that at all.
  16. you should communicate well with the buyer before any order and you will not face that kind of situations.
  17. The buyer requested Fiverr CS to cancel your order. Contact to Customer support and asks them about the reason.
  18. contact to Fiverr customer support and show your evidences (screenshots of gig package) they will cancel it for you without hurting your rankings and order completion
  19. show the screenshots of your deal, also show your work to Fiverr Customer support
  20. Try to complete the job and deliver what he asks If he still asks for revisions, contact customer support with your supported screenshots and asks them to help you out in this matter.
  21. I read your article, and it seems to be a great piece of information that you stated. Thank you for sharing this information
  22. Major Violation don not accept payments other than fiverr as you gets safety for your payments and you have to pay 20% to fiverr
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