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  1. @mjensen425 HI, I am back after along time... Had been with bad health and some life thunderstorms in life the past few months. So after clearing my head I am back. Is this still available., if so I would like to join the Seller Plus too. FIverr seller ID: Sanda5 I had a personal seller success manager before. But after a few months she wasn't available. Thank you. Stay Safe...
  2. The :fountain_pen: tool… (till I get a graphic tablet to draw… my drawings looks too technical like)
  3. @coerdelion Thank you for sharing this… I have seen a lot of miss information circulating around. I will share it with a few people who are starting on fiverr (but they all want success in few weeks)
  4. Two cancellations will not affect you. As you have mentioned your stats are good. And the CS will contact you in a few days. I am sorry I don’t have much experience with social media management, but why don’t you try to discuss with them what they really need & let them know that to give the best solution you need to understand their product/service. I have had similar clients who are hard to please & who stress you out, but I somehow overcame them with proper communication.
  5. Count me in… 😀 I never got the hang of Harry Potter… the book or the movie… :thinking: I am bookworm, but nope this book I stopped reading at chapter 2… Maybe I don’t have the imagination to visualize it…
  6. Yipeee… I was waiting for more content… 🥳 Because I love to listen & learn how to improve… ✏️ I have been going on a very good pace on orders from the end of April…
  7. hmmm… have patience … just do your best work & communicate professionally with buyers… I became TRS after 6 years + being level 2 for 6 years (never demoted)… and I did pinch myself to see I was not dreaming when I got the email “that I’ve become a TRS”… 😆 Let it be a surprise… 🙂 Stay safe everyone !! 🙏
  8. I have just now got a ““Fiverr’s Choice Order”… but I don’t have “Fiverr’s Choice badge on the gig…
  9. I should try that app… Thank you I have studied music a long time ago (15 years back)… and only got a new piano recently… 🙂 … so I am refreshing my mind these days…
  10. Same here… I am also learning to play the piano… I am self learning since last week… 🎹
  11. I have had the same buyer order from me at the same time with different design projects. So they leave reviews to all the orders. I once had 5 reviews from the same buyer (they were just some small design projects) and he placed 5 orders…
  12. Inspirational-Perseverance-Quotes-and-Sayings-68800×800 76.7 KBThis is something that I belive in…
  13. I have encountered that same issue… When they discuss the project with one account & then place the order with another and then they ask me follow the inbox communication to find the details… 😐 One person has forgotten the password so he created a new account to get some changes done on a previous design… I spent about good 1-2 hours finding the source file by his old account name with the jpeg he gave me…(just imaging when you have to go through almost 2000+ folders… ) 😱 I have had about 10- 12 such buyers but never had a problem…
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