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Introducing Seller Plus


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On 2/17/2021 at 4:52 PM, donnovan86 said:

Mistake number 1

Never leave a job for freelancing until you know you have at least 2-3 income streams.

The reason is simple, 1 of the income streams might end up being unreliable, like Fiverr is for you right now. So you can easily end up without money. Try to build up multiple income streams now that you have some time due to this deranking.

I totally agree with you, man. It really helped me last month when I had issues with my account. It was a business I built when had enough from this platform that held me through to this point. Once I get back on my fit, I will definitely invest into two more businesses.

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I tried to onboard the new Fiverr Seller Plus feature to my account a few days back and almost went to the final page and chickened out just before paying for it as I had to discuss it with my partner.

I tried it again today, but every time I click the "Join Seller Plus" button, it simply redirects me to my dashboard.

Not sure why it's happening now that I'm ready to join the program.

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Today I get access to the Fiverr Seller Plus Program.

And I just subscribed to Seller Plus Membership.

There are several benefits in the Seller Plus Program, specially Faster Earnings Clearance in 7 Days and some Special Advanced Gig & Order Analytics.


I hope it will help to grow more business.


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11 hours ago, seven_sign said:

I also got the invitation and available in my account header.

What's that No earnings clearance? I think it's early payout but instantly with 1% fees right?

yes, actually early payout is available for everyone, but they specially mentioned on seller plus program again.

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