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  1. Well, for BR above 500$ I just might force myself to take a peek.
  2. Thank you. It is actually great. Wish they notify us about the feature, not that we have to read minds. @enunciator it is actually good, check this out: image496×521 23.5 KB
  3. Hi. I do not know is this happening to all but I keep getting notifications I have Buyers request every 20 minutes and it is super annoying. I think I got message from client and it is just the BR section letting me know there are new BR for me. How do I stop this? For entire day my inbox is buzzing and it is just BR.
  4. ?? he clearly states they been working on 5 projects like this with no issue, ordered, delivered paid. This is his 6th order with the same person so hardly a stranger. Give him time, maybe he can not log in to Fiverr or something. If he comes back for another video without paying for this one, kindly send him an offer and do not start working until he accepts and pays.
  5. As I promised, here is the info, I sent 10 coupons 29.04. and now is 01.05. and again it is allowing me 10 coupons to send. So they are refreshed by calendar month. I can not send another coupon to the seller that did not use his previous coupon.
  6. No, it is not possible to decrease. Why do you feel you charged more? Is the buyer complaining on the price? If the buyer is not complaining why do anything. just complete your work and get paid.
  7. Regarding this, In a recent event Fiverr team (so staff working for Fiverr) bought items (design, video etc.) from sellers that have GIGs for: a) making your GIG photo b) making your GIG video c) writing your GIG description And they shared the files they purchased publicly with the names of the sellers. image1406×825 196 KBAnd then we have this: image1406×830 179 KBSo from this point of view, it seems that offering to write someone’s GIG description is as per rules. Maybe @ounvesabia you could ask CS directly with screenshots above is that allowed or not and share the reply here? Thank you.
  8. There is a workaround for that and that is to type the name of the buyer and word Fiverr in google search. But that is too much work. I do not know what is your day job and how much business interaction you make in a day, but just conversations in the first five minutes should be some indicator of how the seller is “breathing”.
  9. What are your skills, can you improve them? Can you improve your portfolio? Can you start your own webshop and offer service there and keep Fiverr as backup, do you have dayjob?
  10. Why was CS involved here? Did you order something and end result was not as per his portfolio samples? You can see reviews as buyers from any seller on the bottom of his profile or under each GIG. This is on the bottom of profile: image1397×744 73.7 KBAnd this is on the bottom of each GIG: image832×691 40.3 KBThey are visible to anyone, even a person without an account on Fiverr can see that. Regarding validity of the reviews, people can buy reviews as well (against the rules, but you can’t drop a pin and not hit the area with the mafia, scammers, or frauds). What were you buying and how did you look (did you start Buyers request or just pure search)?
  11. If you are talking as a buyer, it depends on a service you need. Design category is filled with random people with no actual knowledge in design. But that is “easy” to fake. My advice would be to order sample for 5$. You will lose the money but not a lot or you will find a good seller. Unfortunately there is no win-win 100% method here.
  12. image663×504 26.9 KB image641×818 73.1 KB
  13. You have link above, use it. It is not email for sellers, it is just promo email, maybe you opted out.
  14. Where does it say 140, on what pages, order page, analytic page, earning tab? Check all three and compare.
  15. You are not allowed to reveal the name of seller here. What you can do is use flag option and report him and his profile if he is asking payments outside fiverr and that is visible in communication. His account will be erased and you will get your refund.
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