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  1. I never try those. I didnt find any helpful information about those.
  2. Do you have Seller Plus? I think not. I have a profile named by KaruZone its all about logos and brand identity design. Im in Fiverr from 2016 and completed 16k+ projects till now. Still, I didn't get the Seller Plus and Promote Gig options. So I tried to share my gig on my social media handle which is linked to Fiverr account. This is my story and maybe there are many sellers like me in this situation. I noticed that many new sellers got all those promotion options. But my suggestion is don't make any complicated thinking. Work on simple things. Like : Be focused on your gig appearance. The cover picture must be attractive. https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/15863342952977-Gig-Images-General-Gig-image-guidelines https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/15773210341905-Gig-images-spark-up-your-inspiration You have to work on your gig title. don't push many tags into your gig title. Choose the perfect tags for your gig to be visible on Fiverr search. And the main is to be consistent and brush up on your skill set. Those are the main things you have to focus on getting orders. There is no rocket science behind this. Those are simple rules you have to follow for your successful Fiverr journey. My best wishes to you. Thank you, KaruZone
  3. The only way to promote gig is in social media for now. If you don't get the gig promotion option.
  4. You have to be consistent. That is the main key of success in Fiverr. A few years back there was an option to send a quote on the client's requirement. There was a little chance to get engaged. But now in days that option in gone. So work on your profile properly. Use a good tag, gig image, and description. That will help you. Enjoy your day. Thank you,
  5. Toggle between the logo service and logo make in the front end will be a great user friendly idea. So now any client can visit logo maker page seamlessly and able to purchase their desire logo in a single click. After weakup when I saw the notification that, my logo is sold . That's a great feelings for me. That really make the day. Great thinking, more possibilities will open 👍 . Loveeeee it... it's really a nice and functional face-lift!
  6. Hi, My self Rob, I'm from KaruZone. Times move fast now in days & I think Fiverr Logo Maker is a great opportunity for me to showcase creative asset . This is like a online store for creative logo design . And I really love the way of simplicity how it perform. For those clients, who needs a quick solutions for their business , this will be the best for them. Thank you,
  7. We all are excited to be invite in seller plus program. But we are not about the criteria, what we have to match to select for this program. Or is it the manual process.
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