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  1. We all are excited to be invite in seller plus program. But we are not about the criteria, what we have to match to select for this program. Or is it the manual process. Regards, KaruZone
  2. Hi, I'm from KaruZone. Its a nice journey since 2016. I learn a lot. Deal with Many Clients Globally. So long Story in short : Its really a platform for the passionate doers. But some times I feel helpless when a client can't able to understand my feelings through message. That will a difficult moment to solve the client issues and make the project complete successfully. But at the end of the day after a long conversation able to make it possible. Some clients want to talk with me during the project, to discuss more about that. But That was not possible before. because in Fiverr that was not possible to talk with client. But now in days fiverr introduce this VID program for clients. Within this program if my client be a part of VID , then I can easily connect with them via fiverr voice call and video call. Now the problem solve easily within few minutes discussion. Its a amazing feature. I love it. This make my life simple and smooth. Thank you, and eagerly waiting to listen from you guyes. How you feel about VID Program 🙂
  3. I'm from KaruZone This program will be helpful. How can I register. is that a manual selection process.
  4. Go to Analytics tab. scroll down. then you will get rating section. over there the right hand side you will get the rating statistic. Hope that will help you,
  5. Rather that review rate more important is good review. If i’m not wrong. But some clients don’t want to go with the review process. That is the main issues. But any way at the end of the day getting good review , inspire us to do the best what we are doing. So keep Going, thank you,
  6. That is great. Because we can engage more buyers with that subscription process. eagerly waiting for that. thank you,
  7. No one know that when you will get the first order. Patience is the main key of fiverr success, thank you,
  8. Good question. But sorry. you can’t able to delete any review from fiverr. So rather than trying to delete review, focus on earn good review. That will help you a lot. thank you,
  9. Seller Plus program is great. That can help us to learn more about client support & get noticed from crowed. But from where I can register myself for this program. thank you,
  10. Dont loose patience. Fiverr is international platform. where 1000’s of seller struggling for daily order not only you. You have to work heard for generate regular order. work on gig portfolio. cover pic and tag. Hope that will help you a lot. Make trust on fiverr. Thank you,
  11. Fiverr forum is like a community to learn more about fiverr. If you spend more time you will learn more. Share your experienced with us. Grow your knowledge. thank you,
  12. First of all buying review is not the process. That is a wrong concept. Working heard is the key of success. your profile tag & cover must be attractive. thank you, KaruZone,
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