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  1. I tried to onboard the new Fiverr Seller Plus feature to my account a few days back and almost went to the final page and chickened out just before paying for it as I had to discuss it with my partner. I tried it again today, but every time I click the "Join Seller Plus" button, it simply redirects me to my dashboard. Not sure why it's happening now that I'm ready to join the program.
  2. While I do have more "freedom" to earn more compared to my "regular job" friends, they have the freedom of their colleagues not messaging them post 7PM (on most days at least). I find most "potential buyers" reaching out to me way into the evening and even past my bedtime. I feel compelled to respond to them especially if I had a late-evening delivery and they can clearly see that I am online. I don't want to leave them hanging and push my response time post 1 hour, not do I want to say "Hey" and ghost them. What do you do when this happens to you? An automated message that says "Hey I'm not online right now...see you in the morning." or something else?
  3. Straightforward answers have been given by others in the past, so I'll try giving an analogy instead. Consider your new Fiverr account like a newly opened steakhouse. If the decor looks good, the food smells good and there's a hint of potential, you'll have customers willing to give a try. Now whether you give them their medium rare with some complementary drink or leave them chewing on a burnt piece of log—that decides if more people show up or not.
  4. Unfortunately, most of them are. I try to stay away from clients in the Crypto space just as a precaution.
  5. He wanted me to write marketing material to sell these products 😂
  6. I have actually found the Fiverr support extremely supportive. They have helped me every single time I needed them to. I noticed that when I just started on Fiverr, my luck wasn't too good with CS, but over time it's been perfect. The reason? Communication. 1: When you reach out to Fiverr, make sure your message is polite, clear and emotional. The less you sound like a robot, the more effective it will be. Ensure that a long message isn't one huge paragraph and instead multiple with plenty of white space. Also, NEVER say anything disrespectful about the buyer. 2: In your chat with the buyer, do not use profanity and be polite (a little rude here and there is still okay if the buyer's being rude, but it's unprofessional nonetheless). Also, Fiverr support are mostly native English speakers, so if there's a language barrier and what you say isn't easy to understand, then things might not go so smoothly for you. Ending thought—Fiverr's getting better and I'm sure many sellers will attest to that belief.
  7. There's one issue though. If you're a seller and are "Out Of Office"/Unavailable, then Fiverr shows you as unavailable sometimes, making it hard for the other seller to send you a message. Just something I noticed recently.
  8. It's happened to me twice in the past! One of them sold fake login pages and phishing pages to scammers. Another one (more recent) had a website that sells narcotics and some of the worst street drugs (Her***, Fen****, Met*, etc) Yeah, I almost threw up in shock when I saw those. So I went ahead and politely declined the offer to work and sent a little message to CS. The account of the "phishing pages" didn't get taken down for weeks. The account of the other seller got taken down immediately. He created a new one and sent me a message 10 minutes later *smh* 🤯 Anything similar happened to you?
  9. I don't know about you, but I've found myself digging through plenty of recent posts on this forum and must admit that most of them are complaints either about people getting demoted, having a bad experience with the CS/buyer or how they feel helpless. Reading all this can make even the most seasoned seller twitch a little. But here's the thing, you can literally go on every single forum of every single marketplace, freelancing, or professional service platform and you'll find it most similar. The reason? We, good humans, are most vocal when something goes south (Yelp anyone?) So if there are any newbies reading through the posts and finding yourself fearing for the worst, relax. Countless people make a living on Fiverr and the platform is getting better with each passing year. As long as you do your work, communicate well with buyers and the support, and keep a positive mindset (cliche but true), things will be A-okay! And yes, don't forget to share your happy, positive experiences too! Note: I'm not invalidating any of those negative posts, but just stating how there are plenty of positives too that we should be focusing on.
  10. It could be a few things... 1: Perhaps your service is very niche without too much search volume. You can check your impressions on the "gig performance" section under "active gigs". 2: Check your order completion, delivery and response rates to see if they're top notch 3: How are your competitors doing? If they're lagging behind too, then you know it's probably a demand-disruption issue. 4: Try getting Fiverr Plus for a month and see if an exec can troubleshoot this for you. Lastly, never lose hope. All will be well!
  11. Since it's a new ad algorithm, it'll take a while before Promoted Gigs gets better. I remember how horrible Facebook ads was when it started.
  12. I don’t quite understand the question. Did you get demoted?
  13. Hmm, I see that sellers sure have added their website links in their gig description. Their personal website and not a handle from one of the above platforms. And I’m talking not about newbies, but pros and top rated sellers who have had their links on for at least the past two years.
  14. I have seen some sellers (Pros included) who send a link to their website when asked for samples. I understand that this helps build credibility, saves time and also gives the buyer a convenient option to view a large number of previous work, references from off-Fiverr clients and curated reviews. That way, the buyer need not have to download images or .zip files of samples. Is this okay? I would reckon so, but don’t know what Fiverr’s fine print has to say about it.
  15. When I first started I did too. Then there was this big controversy on the Fiverr Forum so I asked Customer Service. It took talking to three different CS people within one ticket, before I finally go this straight answer. Eek! That sounds frustrating.
  16. But yeah, ignore the “ask reviews” part and do the rest i.e. “overdeliver and become the best at your craft”. Look at what the pro sellers are doing, and try to get to that level. Your competition won’t matter then.
  17. No! 😱 @az_design1 DO NOT DO THAT! Look what Customer Service says about talking about reviews with your buyer! image814×400 21 KB What sounds like a big lie? :thinking: Actually, after 2 more orders I will have 2000 total! 😊 Hmm, that’s odd, but thanks for sharing that. I guess I got a little lucky in my first few orders. Since I did it only about 3-4 times in the beginning. I guess it was the way I asked (asking in a way that isn’t asking). But yeah, maybe it’s a bit more strict now. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Lol, I had just around 5 orders by the end of the 2nd month, and all were from the same buyer. Just reach out to your buyers and ask them how your delivery was, and request them to share their honest feedback—explain to them that it would help you a lot. Overdeliver the heck out of your orders, give your clients much more than what they asked for. Grind for a few months and you’ll be sorted with regular orders. Good reviews = More orders!
  19. I just read that the parent company of Payoneer is in deep trouble and declared insolvent, along with fraud allegations against it. I also read how many people have had their Payoneer accounts frozen without being able to withdraw any funds. My question is, will this affect us when we withdraw Fiverr funds using Payoneer? Is the money going to get blocked in the middle and not get credited to our banks? If there’s anyone who has recently withdrawn using Payoneer, was everything smooth with the transaction?
  20. What if they stop asking for an extra revision and just go ahead and leave a horrible 1 star review when you mention that it is out of scope? Any way to contest it with the support team? I have had a bad 1 star review deleted by the support team, but that client was asking for something that I don’t even offer.
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