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  1. To Grow your gig, Follow these Steps. Send Buyer Requests on daily basis.Share your gig on social media, and try to grab customers from Facebook groups.Answer People questions on Quora. grab customer from there.Remain Active on Fiverr platform as much as you can.
  2. Fiverr have become more Saturated. To Grab your business and keeps the order velocity. Follow these Guidelines. Don’t underestimate the BUYER REQUETS. send it on Daily basis.Share your gig on Social media Platforms. Get Client from there.Join forums like QUORA and different community centers. Answer the questions asked by people. You’ll get Orders.Good Luck
  3. I would suggest to create a gig in Low Competition niche Keywords. Then hopefully you will start getting orders. Keep learning and try to add GIG Videos to your Gigs. Also, Share your Gig on social media groups and try to grab your clients from social media . Send buyer requests on daily basis. Good Luck.
  4. I would suggest to create a gig in Low Competition niche Keywords. Then hopefully you will start getting orders. Good Luck. Keep learning and try to add GIG Videos to your Gigs
  5. I am still waiting for the Seller Plus Invite.
  6. No brother, If it will add value to your profile. And it’s good video for your customers. Then you will see a positive impressions on your Gig. Good luck
  7. Send buyer request on daily basis. Share your gig on social media. Good luck
  8. Welcome to the community. Keep learning and scaling your skill set!
  9. You have to find low competition niches in your category. And then create your gig. Offer your services within that SUB DOMAIN.
  10. Go Ahead and add a nice video. Gigs having videos have 40% more conversion rate. Good luck
  11. Sorry to hear about it. You should read the TOS before offering your services on Fiverr. Kindly, read it and try to convince the support about your point. And never post EMPTY delivery.
  12. Start Learning your skill and become expert in it. Share your View/Tips about your skills on social media. Customers will hire you on fiverr. Send buyer requests on daily basis.
  13. It seems like you have not converted any buyer from the messages you received. So you must lack your skills. Improve your skills and then don’t get your customers to ignore your GIG.
  14. Welcome to the forum and community. Good luck
  15. It’s not that easy, You have to struggle hard for it. Keep sending buyer request. Create your Gigs in LOW Competition niche, Like “SHOPIFY LOGO DESIGN” and then remain active, respond to your customers as fast as possible. Good luck
  16. It’s really nice. I have filled a survey and made few recommendations.
  17. Improve your gig Image. Or more preferably add attractive GIG Video
  18. Welcome to Fiverr. Keep sending Buyer Requests. Create 7 Gigs Related to your skills. Share your Gig on Social Media Platforms. Remain Active on Fiverr Platform and learn it more.
  19. That’s because fiverr wants to gig chance to other sellers. So, please wait you’ll start getting order on your turn!
  20. To increase gig impressions, Try Quora and other social media platforms. Sell your services over there. You’ll get boost
  21. Welcome to the Community. Search Threads related to how to get orders. You will find many fruitful posts.
  22. Many things have already been shared by my fellow freelancers. Anyhow, One more thing i want to add is that share your services on Social media. Collaborate/answer people questions on Quora. From there when you will get orders. It will boost your rankings.
  23. That’s possibly a Fiverr bug. Or you have left the test blank unintentionally.
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