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Creatures of the Dark


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I just read an article on an Irish online newspaper showing these, from a Russian fisherman apparently…

What makes the first one even more scary is that it can apparently speak Russian!

Yes, I got this from Gizmodo, linking to the russian fisherman’s Twitter. Ill post that up now.

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Thank you so much for posting these!

Absolutely fascinating. I love to scuba and snorkel and have seen some scary as well as smiling friendly ocean dwellers. They think we are scary.

Have you ever had a chance to snorkel in the Red Sea? The fish are amazing there. 🙂

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@silkroute I’m guilty your honour! I’ve been a bad man and cared too much about nature… Please forgive me, I repent!

I’ve been a bad man

You should have at least waited until Christmas to make that confession. This admission of guilt is not going to go down very well with Santa. On another note, coal prices are projected to rise in the future so you will have some use for all that coal you are going to get from Santa.

Here’s my entry to the thread, these are creatures of the dark, which did not die. They prefer to live under rocks and in crevices away from sunlight, it is a fresh water fish. I thought, why should the fresh water creatures of the dark be discriminated against, lest they file a class action lawsuit.



<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/fiverr/original/2X/c/c833eda1d727b8bc1ce179d6c7421f0f9caee1f5.jpg" width=“690” height="431>







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