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  1. @karuppiahn When using the bank transfer the funds directly gets transferred into my bank account instead of staying in my payoneer account. You will get that mail from payoneer that you had received x amounts of funds and after receiving this mail, within 3 business days the funds will be cleared into your bank account. Hope this helps. 🙂
  2. Let’s be honest what would irritate buyers more; cancellations made after committing money and potentially time to an order that may not get completed, or placing an order and getting a “no thanks” and that way no cancellations show on a buyers record and no issues with “buyer request fell outside the boundaries of the gig conditions” thoughts anyone? Let’s be honest, both your options are same. The buyer will commit time and money in both the cases.
  3. I didn’t quite get you. The funds will only be transferred from Fiverr when you click the “Bank Transfer” button from the revenue page. It is not automatic.
  4. Your profile description looks stuffed with keywords. Trying making it more natural. You are providing graphic designing services but the texts present in your gig images are not very legible and using textures in the background makes it look pixelated in the gig preview. Your packages description looks weird. For ex- Use “I will design your logo, letterhead, and business card” instead of “Business card , Logo I will design Your Brand Logo , Letterhead and Business card .” Your gigs description are not well formatted, you had used double spaces between many words, left empty bullet points etc. Try fixing them and use bold and highlighted text parts for a better represenation. Use 5/5 tags. Use bright colours for your gig images, they looks pale.
  5. This is from the Fiverr order cancellation policy-
  6. It will then result in a negetive balance in the account anyway…
  7. Usually Fiverr CS responds to all queries within 48 hours. Had you contacted them through a support ticket at support.fiverr.com? As per the money being refunded to the buyer, if you fail to deliver the desired product or the delivery was faulty and in many other possibilities Fiverr CS has the right to cancel the order and refund the money to the buyer.
  8. What if someone gets another person to complete the test for him/her?
  9. Revisions : A modification to the delivery. (But note that some seller might mention what they modify when asked. For ex- A logo designer having unlimited revisions but 1 logo version in the package may or may not revise the delivery if you ask for another complete new logo design.) Source file : It is the file that allows you to modify the finished result by yourself using the program used by the seller. PNG : It is a common image format that is widely used to provide images/stuffs with transparent backgrounds.
  10. @exprt_designerr @gina_riley2 there is a useful usage of this feature for the sellers. I had made a topic about it, but I don’t think much members had noticed it. 🙂 Fiverr Forum TEAM ACCOUNT feature usages for sellersTo those who don't know about it, Fiverr had launched a team account feature before a month or so as an update to the site. I had made a topic about it here- Though it is entirely for the Buyers here's how you can use it as a seller - Many of...
  11. It refers to the total number of GIG multiples your buyers can order with a single transaction.
  12. Get Extended Fiverr Analytics Want extended analytics for your gigs? Learn more Would you elaborate this part a bit please?
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