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If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]


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Views are registered any time that your gig page is loaded and opened. This includes when someone clicks on your gig photo in any Fiverr marketplace page (search engine and category page), or when they come directly from somewhere else online via a link to your gig page. Therefore, if you have higher views than clicks, then you are, most likely, obtaining a good number of visits from somewhere other than just Fiverr.

It’s also worth noting, though, that not all views are good. It is possible that a small percentage of them could be internet bots just doing their thing. More often than not, though, a high views statistic (if higher than clicks) means that you are getting off-Fiverr traffic to your gig.

There are likely other reasons to have a higher views stat as well, but, without true traffic tracking analysis, there’s no way to accurately know WHERE all of those page loads (views) are coming from.

If your gig has more impressions than views, that, as noted in this thread, it is merely an indication that many category and search pages, with your gig listed on those pages, are being loaded throughout Fiverr. It doesn’t tell you anything other than that fact that your gig is listed on Fiverr, and people are looking at the loaded pages that contain your gig. If you have low views as well, that means that people just aren’t click on and looking at your gigs. THAT would be an issue you would want to work to fix.

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Guest kemarjones

Well said as a newbie to fiverr I check my stats regularly I see more impressions than clicks I know see that the clicks are generated from interested potential buyers.

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Good debate, but it is getting a little off topic.

We are talking about impressions here on Fiverr. So, obviously this is assuming that the sellers are only paying attention to the impressions generated inside of Fiverr, since the impressions in the analytics page are only related to the page loads inside of Fiverr, and impressions outside are not included.

That doesn’t mean I promote that they only rely on impressions from Fiverr. They can and should promote outside of Fiverr when they are new sellers (unless they are already getting a lot of exposure from the get-go).

But to say that impressions are “useless” is an understatement. Impressions are everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you only rely on Fiverr traffic, or if you promote your gigs outside of Fiverr. That’s why Fiverr and other sites include this on their analytics. Impressions are not useless.

Every time a page is loaded with your link, that is an impression. Impressions can come from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (every time someone loads a page with your link on it). Impressions can come from any page with your link on it.

Of course, impressions outside of Fiverr are not incluided in the analytics page, but they are impressions nonetheless, and should be taken in consideration with the appropiate analytics provided by the place where you promote your gigs.

At the end of the day, impressions inside or outside of Fiverr, should be taken in cosideration if they are legit impressions and not generated by bots (like fake traffic, for example).

So, if all you want to say to the people is that they should not rely only on Fiverr traffic to be successful, then go ahead. But to say that impressions are useless, that is way to drastic. I think your original post needs to be edited.

Is it wise to rely on Fiverr traffic only when you are new? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean impressions are useless.

Now about the off topic part. Passive here on Fiverr, doesn’t necesarily mean lazy. Just because somebody is not promoting the gigs outside of Fiverr, doesn’t mean is a lazy person at all. It means they are already getting the exposure they want, but without all the hassle that involves.

Keep in mind that they still have to work hard to earn the money. Just because they don’t promote their gigs outside of Fiverr, doesn’t mean they are lazy. That is a very strong word.

You say that passive is not success, but that’s not true. Success doesn’t have to be necessarily hard work. Success is subjective. Success for me, can be considered a failure to you.

It doesn’t matter if you achieve success with hard work or being “lazy”. What matters is that you reach your goals. As long as it’s legal and honest, it’s all good. That’s success.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do recommend to the new sellers, that they promote their gigs as soon as possible. They need all the exposure they can get. I’ve been there. I’ve been around since 2012 and I’ve had to do it several times. The amount of orders I was getting from that, was never comparable to the amount of orders I’ve got “passively” though.

But trust me, once/if you get the passive exposure from Fiverr itself, there’s nothing better out there. There’s a lot of real targeted traffic here on Fiverr. That’s the beauty of it.

I’ve had conversations with some of the top guys in Online Marketing category, and trust me, most of them only rely on Fiverr traffic. But the traffic is so good and so much, that there’s no need to promote outside of Fiverr once you are there. Some of those guys have hundreds and hundreds of orders in queue and are very successful.

Sure, new sellers should promote their gigs outside of Fiverr until they get enough exposure from Fiverr alone. If that never happens, then just keep promoting outside of Fiverr (constant hard work). But if they manage to get passive traffic from Fiverr, there’s nothing wrong or lazy about that. As long as they reach their goals honestly and legally, it’s all good.

Oh, and by the way… sellers should never put all the eggs in one basket. Sellers should always have another source of income even if they promote their gigs outside of Fiverr. That’s a good success strategy. 😉

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Impressions come ONLY from the Fiverr search results or the marketplace categories. As far as a seller is concerned, that are, most definitely, random, and are completely at the whims of people searching Fiverr, or the constantly-changing ranking algorithm. They cannot be controlled in any way by sellers.

Clicks are only recorded when someone clicks on your gig photo in a Fiverr search result list, or from one of the gig categories on the Fiverr website. This is why this stat is called “clicks”. It too is only measured on Fiverr.

Views are any time your gig page is loaded. This could be as the result of a click from Fiverr search results or a marketplace category, or, anytime someone links to your gig from outside of Fiverr via a link you promote anywhere else on the internet.

You don’t need impressions to get sales, because you can easily promote your gig link anywhere else online, and have people link straight to your gig page. Doing this would completely bypass any impressions.

Yes, you do want clicks, but the only way to encourage clicks from inside Fiverr search results of the category marketplace is to have a great, eye-catching gig photo and title. This is the only way that you can encourage clicks.

And, of course, you have some control over views because you can link people straight to your gigs from elsewhere online.

To say that you NEED impressions to make sales is not entirely true. Partially, yes, but only if you are relying upon traffic from inside Fiverr which you cannot control.

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Most likely, yes. This means that you appear to have additional traffic coming to your gigs from outside the impressions/clicks stats measured inside Fiverr. If you’re running a social media campaign, I think it’s safe to say that you are bringing in some traffic from those promotional efforts.

Any links outside Fiverr’s search and category pages would add to your views statistic (and these links would completely bypass the impressions/clicks stat, thereby not registering impressions or clicks).

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