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  1. You don't seem to understand how Fiverr works. Fiverr is all about maintaining your level, maybe raising it if you can. A 4 star review is worst than not getting a review, why? Because it lowers your rating and ranking. So don't be jealous of people that get 4-stars, there's nothing to envy. I'm jealous of the ones that have a 4.9 or 5.0 after 1,000+ orders.
  2. If your #1 gig was not promotable, what could the reason be, other than refunds, bad reviews, and perhaps buyers reporting negative work experiences? When Fiverr was brand new, it was all about experimentation. You didn't need to be an experienced graphic designer to offer logos, now you do. Now you have to be a master at what you're selling, or you'll be punished.
  3. The question is HOW you share. I have 200 friends on Facebook, none of them need what I'm selling. I could join groups and pages, and post my links there, but I might be accused of spamming.
  4. He was ordering too fast for me to do that, and I can't block him until the order is marked complete. In the past, if someone gave me a bad review, I would block them immediately. One thing I could have done was pause the gig. Then it would be easy to block the buyer. Funny I just realized it now. I would love to be the kind of seller that only focuses on getting orders and making money, but the Fiverr level system has changed everything. I was a level two, got demoted to one, now I'm at 4.5 so I'll be demoted to no level. That limits how many gigs I can have, whether I can bid on buyers requests, etc. Also, some of my favorite buyers have never left me a review, yet have ordered many times. No review doesn't lower my rating, 4 stars or less does. In the old days of Fiverr, the only review was thumbs up or thumbs down. So if the work was so-so, you got a thumbs up. Terrible? Thumbs down.
  5. I have a buyer who keeps giving me 4-stars, and ordering back. I raised my prices from $10 to $20, and he ordered again. Now I'm at $40. I hope that's enough to discourage him. I enjoy his orders, but hate his reviews. I was at 4.6 yesterday (overall rating), and today I'm at 4.5. I tried blocking him, but apparently you can't do that when you have open orders. I realize some people are unable to give you 5 stars, but they should stop ordering!
  6. I joined TikTok today and saw a video of a hefty woman shaking her butt, she had thousands of likes and comments. I don't have any gigs related to butt shaking, so I'm not sure what I can do on TikTok. I suppose I can get to know the platform until I figure out something.
  7. I just don't understand why Fiverr is against making money. Other advertising platforms, like Google and Facebook, only punish you for clear rule violations. Maybe you clicked on your own ads, or you advertised prohibited items, or you engaged in fraud. Fiverr is banning us for getting a 4-star review, refunding one order, small stuff like that.
  8. I'm just waiting for orders from search, but my situation is terrible. In May, I made a daily average of $17, in June, I'm down to $8. When your gigs are promoted, you're also more likely to get non-promoted orders. You start getting orders, rank higher, people are more likely to order.
  9. I have "Achieve these goals to be nominated for a Top Rated Seller" for months now, and I've yet to be nominated for TRS. The only thing you can do is promote your gigs outside of Fiverr, if you know how (I struggle with that), maybe go to buyers requests and bid, and find something else to do while sales are down. This could be the perfect time to learn something new.
  10. I spent $17.95 promoting my gigs with Fiverr, and got $195 in revenues. That's a great ROI. What isn't great is that at any time, Fiverr can decide not to promote your gigs. This is like going to McDonalds and being told you can't buy a burger. Why is Fiverr doing this? Do they hate money? My order completion rate is 98% (one refund) My overall rating is 4.7 Yet all my gigs are unpromotable, even the ones rated at 4.9. I asked customer service what I'm doing wrong, and they told me not to worry, that it's all about the algorithm, and that in the future, my gigs will become promotable again. What's your experience with promoted gigs?
  11. The important thing is that Fiverr has the server capability to handle the tons of traffic a Superbowl spot can bring. There was a Pet seller that advertised on the Superbowl many years ago, they were not ready for all the orders they got, and soon went out of business. Personally, I believe Superbowl commercials are overpriced, and a status thing for most corporations. I don't watch the Superbowl, and the creativity of the ads on the Superbowl has declined immensely. Still, I suppose it's a way for a company to say, "we have arrived." You need deep pockets to advertise on the Superbowl, and Fiverr has them. I just hope their future ROI justifies the expense.
  12. Here’s my experience. As you can see, I have spent $2.27 on one gig, and gotten $40 in return. Other promotes have gotten me some impressions but not clicks. If they don’t click, it costs me nothing. Overall, I like it. It has forced me to think more, revise gig descriptions, prices, do things when I see that I’m not getting the results that I want. I was doing that before, but when money is on the line, and you have a neat spreadsheet, it’s easier to do it. promoted gigs764×668 27.8 KB
  13. I made my money last by promoting only two gigs. It’s been days and I still have $8.75 left. One gig hasn’t gotten any orders, so I’ve made a few changes. It gave me one order. My cost per click (CPC) was $0.10, and since it was a $20 order, it was worth it. I believe in this feature. In a crowded marketplace, we need all the help we can get.
  14. Create a new gig for that, or just inform your clients you’re closing that gig. I don’t believe it’s due to refunds or bad reviews. I have only 1 gig that’s not promotable, and in that case the only issue is that it doesn’t receive any orders. I didn’t refund anything there, no bad reviews or anything. So I assume the overall traffic is the reason. Otherwise, it’s passing the requirements to be promoted. The non-promotable gig has a 4.6 rating. Seller communication level 4.8 Recommend to a friend 4.4 Service as described 4.6 It used to be my most lucrative gig, now it isn’t. My other gigs have better ratings, very few refunds, Book Titles is my favorite gig, and it’s promotable by Fiverr. Just today I got an order that Fiverr promoted. Fiverr promo1290×178 20.6 KBSpending $0.4 to get a $20 order seems like a great deal to me. My other gigs didn’t get orders, so I cancelled their promos. I’m going to focus on book titles for now.
  15. I have a gig that’s non promotable, I think the reason for that is too many refunds, a few bad reviews, a few complaints, etc. It’s not my fault, it’s the nature of the gig. I’m actually OK with no promoting that gig. That gig has given me nothing but trouble, it made me a lot of money when I was a Top Rated Seller, but it also caused me to get demoted from TRS. Now I rarely get orders from that gig. I’ve thought about deleting it, but I do a have a few clients that have ordered it many times, so I’m not sure if I should. My advice to you is don’t worry about it. Promote that gig on your own, let Fiverr promote the other gigs.
  16. You’re fine, you apologized. You can always explain what happened. 'Hi, I thought you were a previous client, that’s why I wrote what I wrote. I apologize." However, if you’ve already sent one message, it’s better to wait for the recipient to reply. Otherwise, you could end up getting blocked, reported, marked as spam, etc. Nobody likes being bombarded with messages.
  17. Congratulations! Your gigs look beautiful by the way, love your cover images, you’re wearing a different sweater in each picture. Get ready for a flood of orders. Will you be raising your prices? Limiting how many orders you can get per day?
  18. Most people aren’t getting promoted to Top Rated Seller (TRS), even when they meet all the requirements. It’s really a matter of luck, being picked among the pile. I know people with amazing sales numbers, long queues, who haven’t been promoted. Contacting CS won’t help, they’re not the ones who pick the TRS’s. In fact, I don’t think anyone knows the editors that do.
  19. What if I wrote something like this? “If you liked my work, tips are appreciated.” People who tip often leave reviews. Would this violate TOS?
  20. Great advice, I only have one thing to add. If you charge a commercial license, I’m going to hire the seller that doesn’t charge for that license. Think about it. Making something is better than making nothing.
  21. Well it never hurts to make more money 🙂 But I agree with you, in that case you don’t know how much these optimizations might be able to help you. If they do, then it’s worth it. Think of all the secret information Fiverr has. They know what people are searching for, what gigs are making a ton of money, whether gig videos work, etc. With that said, my first success manager (when I was TRS) didn’t do nothing for me. I asked him a bunch of direct questions, and instead of providing direct answers, he gave me generic nonsense. I suspect he was overwhelmed, maybe had too many clients. I do hope that this time is better.
  22. If you’re making $1,000 to $2,000 a month, if you can get a ton of buyers regardless of search results, if your blog or Facebook ads drive traffic to your gig like crazy, then you don’t need this program. Those of us who aren’t making great money, need this program. If I invest $29 and get $200, $500, $1,000 in sales, where’s the downside? If the program doesn’t work, you can always quit.
  23. I think using the power of Fiverr to help a small business was a brilliant idea. Anyone can do “rah rah we’re so great, buy our crap, rah rah rah,” but instead you SHOWED what makes you great.
  24. Deliver ahead of schedule Ask questions when you don’t understand instead of waiting for a revision request Do a pre-delivery where you show the work and ask if it’s OK.
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