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  1. Yes. Thank you for this post. We get the same issues in the voice over area on Fiverr. They want to pay $5 when they would be charged $500 on any other voice over site. For some in other countries, $5 may be a lot. But if you are asking for a native English speaker to do a voice over for you. Consider that minimum wage in America can be anywhere from $9 to $13 an hour, generally speaking. And what you are asking them to do is work for you for much much less than minimum wage, doing skilled work, which is worth much more than minimum wage. Be respectful of that, and don’t expect to pay $5 for 3 hours of work. That’s insulting.
  2. In voice over we get those messages too. “It’s a simple job that should take only ten minutes.” When really it’s an hour long project. I definitely avoid those people.
  3. This seems very strange. Normally if there is a mutual cancellation there shouldn’t be an issue. Talk with customer support. They should clear this up.
  4. Did you really read this post? If you did I think you missed the point. Focus on what you can do, how you can improve and be at peace with that. As your capabilities and gigs mature you can slowly, but surely find your place, and those who want your services.
  5. Great points! People should really pay attention to these suggestions!
  6. Yes! Thank you! You saved me from having to write this post. For voice overs, also realize that just because this is “fiverr” , it does not mean you should be able to get someone to read thousands of words for $5. When you limit your price to $5, you’ve drastically limited the chance of getting offers from quality voice artists. You pay for quality.
  7. This is a great approach. With large voice over projects this can be a great way to go. Split up the work and require shorter deadlines so that you have more control and can provide feedback quicker.
  8. It sounds like you are dealing with unprofessional sellers or sellers that have too much on their plate and don’t really think through the project until after they get through their other jobs. The best policy is to look at new orders, and fully get what is required as soon as they come in to make sure everything is as it should be. I understand your frustration.
  9. You go to customer service to complain. And yer, it is a pain. But There are a lot of incredible sellers on this site. If someone is truly scamming you please go to customer service so that the truth can be known. Scammer make it harder for those of us who do good work.
  10. I wish all buyers would read this. You are right on the money. Act professionally, reasonably, and like you are collaborating, not dictating, threatening, and demanding, and you’ll be surprised at the incredible values you can get on fiverr. Bad buyers make bad experiences just as much as bad sellers make bad experiences.
  11. Good approach. I notice that those I interact with more tend to leave reviews. I have seldom asked for reviews, but I sure appreciate it when they do. I may add in a sentence about reviews at the end like you do. Although I’ve noticed that generally more people lately have been leaving reviews. I’m guessing it’s a general upward trend on fiverr, but maybe not.
  12. Thanks so much for explaining these things. I really wish fiverr had an easy way for users to see these kinds of explanations. How are we to take advantage of the statistics when more clarity is needed as to what they are and really mean?
  13. Thank you for explaining what an impression is. I have searched over and over for that information on this site, to no avail.
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