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Excessive keyword usage in gigs


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iam nancy and graphic designer from germany. today i checked out why my logo gig not getting any more or should i say not that mutch orders as before i had my break (i was at the hospital for 4 weeks)

so i searched as example for the word “logo design” what i saw was all new gigs some days old at the top. i checked some and saw that they use the word “logo” about 10 times in the keyword.

since iam progframmer i found out thats pretty easy, because a bug in the system allows to add that and you only have to write the keyword mixed in uppercase and lowercase letters like this : logo, LoGo, LOGo, LOgO thats it and if you save the gig the script will convert all letters without brining a message.

you can do that with every keyword, when you save the gig you have kicked out the exessive use of a keyword function. i think the people found that out and now there a re a lots of those spam gigs and that realy sucks.

i currently contacted the costumer support because of this and asked if they will fix it.

do some of you already knew that problem?


ps.: i hope my english is ok 🙂

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@simsalabim Yes I saw this as I have seen a lot of people starting to do this recently and had a look to figure out what was going on. I think at some point the devs will just write a simple script and pull up all the gigs that are doing this and just deny all of them. I think it’s only a matter of time before it happens. I am sure there are people reading your post thinking they are going to copy this method .My advice would be don’t as you may end with no gig.

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i have aopen coversation they will look into it, and that means that they will fix that soon

meanwhile all users who see gigs like that are able to report it to the customer support

everyone doing this will only risk that the account getting banned and they will have no more access to the money

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