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  1. A thumbs up / down system! LOL Which company will get to 300-billion first?
  2. Most people who think their idea is SO important to require an NDA are just mistaken. Further, the presumption should ALWAYS been one of professional interaction. Which means, we don’t go sharing our “client’s” ideas with others… ON fiverr in particular, as others have said, this would be a problem as it would jeopardize your account standing.
  3. Now, if I may, I’ve got to face my meager orders (at least, that way I can deliver as much as you’ve bought). You, my dear jobless TRS can go ahead from thread to thread seeking to find a problem with the CS so you throw your solidarity against the victims. If your claim is that I’m “ignorant” to some nuance of his joke on this page by focusing on his claim to have a bad day and take that seriously (something that I see no evidence as having anything to do with CS, by the way), I’m not only happy to be “guilty as charged” … …I wouldn’t want it any other way. I take people seriously when they say they’re not well and things are bad.
  4. And what pray tell am I “ignorant of”, exactly @rainny_writer Seems a bold claim from a L2 seller to a Superseller and TRS who has bought more gigs as a buyer than you’ve sold as a seller …and did that BEFORE you were a member. 🙂 But I’ll let “everyone kindly” make up their own minds.
  5. absolutely. If you can mutually and voluntarily come to a meeting-of-the-minds, by all means take the gig. After all, in the age of the Internet, so many “things” in homework are a search click away.
  6. Sorry you had a bad experience 😦 While we may not see all things the same. I still have solidarity for you in your times of trouble.
  7. @offlinehelpers It’s hardly “all I’ve done”. Tone is difficult online to be sure. So far the closest help has been the legal@ email and I did acknowledge that I would use it but it was incomplete if anyone had anything else. I hope you see this post as other than “unkind”. But, again, tone is hard online.
  8. She’s in Israel at the moment. And, the success managers have been mostly made anemic.
  9. She doesn’t have a door to open for you unfortunately… t*********m Vered Raviv Schwarz (VRavivSchwarz) I can't say "my door is always open". I don't have a door..but seriously, some good points for managers to consider https://t.co/3tVWlpAeZI 6:23 AM - 13 Mar 2017 I guess you’re a DJ God, but a mere mortal when it comes to READING. That’s the COO. I also do not want the CEO’s info. I want general counsel. Thanks for the…“help”?
  10. While Vered Raviv-Schwarz is COO of Fiverr and has a history I believe as general counsel for Sizmek prior. I cannot find the Fiverr general counsel and efforts to request it have been met with interference. Anyone else know or can find the Fiverr General Counsel?
  11. Actually, I can’t be sure but I think they are probably thrilled those orders were completed. Even though their public response had to be temporarily shutting down the sellers involved in two of the stunts, the brand got to a lot more eyes. It’s even more so now that it’s blown up enough to make headlines with words like “Disney” in them. It doesn’t matter that the whole thing went sour for PDP, it matters that people might wander over to see what Fiverr is now. Given that Fiverr is an Israel owned business…though admittedly a business…I hope they don’t actually WANT what happened. And, while a corporate is a soulless, essentially “psychopathic” entity. I hope that the people employed by it and the front like workers will insist on ethics.
  12. Yes, I missed it. Apologies. And still a tall middle finger to fascists and racists.
  13. It takes a special kind of courage to say … challenging boundaries is a good thing… But people shouldn’t be outraged and fight back against oppression, racism, and offense…
  14. When did you start to mistakenly think shitlords like Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg “deserve respect”? I have NO respect for n**i sympathizers. The only reason to spell his name correctly, and specifically his real name is to heap the necessary shame on him.
  15. Yet another pointless “upgrade” from Fiverr. There’s a personal pitch for their preferences and effectively NO useful tool whatsoever for sellers. The analytics under “Manage-Gigs” is much more crucial. I don’t care “what I would have earned if I a gig wasn’t canceled” as it was CANCELED for a reason. You don’t “lose” what you don’t “have”. What I care about is, how many well does my offer convert with how frequently it is shown. After all, does Fiverr really wish the “sellers” involved in the racist stunts by Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg had been “completed”?
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