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  1. obichukwuezikel


    Fiverr has flagged numerous newbies account and am one of them Any fiverr staff should please attend to this🙏
  2. We are many that are like that But hopefully we would come out with smiles on our faces😌
  3. Let's be patient We would smile soon🙏
  4. Would like to know your niche please 🙏
  5. Wow great👋 What was the feeling Ever received an order withdrawn🤔
  6. So, how long did it take y ou to acquire your first order using your skills?
  7. How long did it take you to get your first order Comment below🤔
  8. Try editing your gig again Might help
  9. You should contact fiver support team to know why it was flagged Wish you the best👋
  10. I've been told that to be successful on Fiverr, to climb up each rank and reach the highest level takes time, dedication, resilience, and hard work. So, for those out there striving, which I am one of them, may our journey end with success, and may we live to tell our great journey through Fiverr. Amen. In case you're looking for a professional grant writer or someone to handle your grant proposal, I specialize in that on Fiverr and am available to help.
  11. I fully understand. But also, don't forget, you were given the chance to showcase those communication skills. 😊 I'm a new seller, and in case you're looking for a grant writer or researcher, I'm available. Try giving me a chance to demonstrate my skills. 😊
  12. To those buyers giving new sellers a chance, a heartfelt thank you from me for giving us the opportunity to prove our worth. Your support means a lot and can make a significant difference. Keep it up! 🙏
  13. Why don't buyers give new sellers an opportunity? We might be better than some older sellers. At least give us a chance.
  14. The reason is that as a new seller, I initially had 6 active gigs. I mistakenly paused 2 gigs, and then I received a notification stating that I was only allowed to have 4 active gigs
  15. Okay, I understand. Do sellers at other levels have the same number of gigs, or is it only for new sellers on Fiverr?
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