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Fiverr is my life. you?


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My sci-fi oriented mind is picturing life as a normal day on Fiverr…Reviews by strangers about communication skills, every 15th there is an evaluation test and if your performance dropped you’re unable to do certain things.
It’d be like living in between The Handmaid’s Tale and a Black Mirror’s episode.

Anyway, no. Fiverr is not my life. Books and science are.

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Trust me, don’t depend on Fiverr. I started freelancing in 2012. I learn so many things so far.

  • Make extra income.
  • invest your money in business
  • Build your brand expand your business locally.
  • create your workspace, separate it from your personal life
  • improve your current skills learn new ones
  • always take care is your health. follow good health condition

Go out to have some fun with your loved ones and family. This is just a platform for your business. Fiverr for life is the most stupid thing you can ever do.

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Fiverr is just a way to earn money for me and a way to avoid the office life that I tried out and did not enjoy at all. I do spend a lot of time here - especially since I started to become active in the forum.

However, translation is not my passion, and I am not going to stick around here forever. I have to admit that I am beginning to find working here less and less fun as time goes on. I hope that the passion project I am pursuing right now will be able to earn me enough money to quit Fiverr, so I can work on what I truly want to. The project will take a long time to finish, so I will be a seller here for at least 1-2 more years.

its really good thing.

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Fiverr is a good start of your hobby career. But definitely not a life one. Unless you are super popular and earn a lot of money to support your style of life.

Freelance? Sure. Extra pocket money? Sure. Experience on how to work with the clients? Yeah. But that’s really about it 🙂

Exact, fiverr is just for experience and learning new skills, once I’ll be good enough I’ll leave and then I’ll look to be recruited in video production studio, so I’ll have my diploma + a solid CV so experience already.

But there is the covid thing…

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Im 13, Fiverr was my life but now I own a business. The Ranking system has not been decent for me as well as the service of Fiverr to us seller’s.

Im 13, Fiverr was my life but now I own a business.

Wow! That’s impressive- a business owner at 13 years. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of business is it?

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Oh no no no not at all. Although I am doing freelancing at Upwork, People Per Hour and Fiver and I found Fiverr best of the best but still as many seniors are advising there are many other bitter realities of life which demand more attention and time so I think it is not a life and there should be a balanced life.

Stay blessed


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