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  1. Yeah, It happens but seriously, To be miraculous is harder when even they don't willing to tell us anything, and we don't have an approach to communicate face to face just for a judgment of their expressions and expectations, there must be some clue or buyer should add proper requirement and details while submitting the requirement.
  2. yes In case of you got bad reviews, your profile goes down to fiverr pages, even sometimes it happened that "The Buyer gave you good review" but after the completing the order and review he or she always has a secret option to tell the support about the delivery and review too" And this is also a good option because of some scammer's sellers, Who even deceive you in unexpected way on fiverr.
  3. How can A buyer or seller remove their review, even after given? If yes they can, well then fiverr support team should check that out, no body should be allowed to removed review after giving.
  4. Hi, I hope that you are doing well today, I will just say" all fingers are not equal" every time with the new order we have to face someone with different mentality and attitude, I know that gratitude is the best thing to deal with whether seller or buyer, but as result buyer thinks themselves better than to the seller. If they don't get it as very first delivery, as per their expectations, then many times they take the advantages of cancellation even though in revision they got their desire one, Sometimes It's all about the communications, what I faced several times many buyers don't define clearly that what they what, and actually what the order is all about.
  5. Hi I think she is right, Its better to cancel an order instead of getting bed reviews, which impact on your profile for forever.
  6. Its show that how dedicate and hard worker you are, Keep it up 👍
  7. @jonbaas I offer my services of writing or creating, editing and formatting documentation one page in $5, but you are right 🙂 He kept me in dark as he purchased direct gig then send me the file of 584 page and after the adding and header and page number, then said me text change was not only from header but also replace the content with new wordings from all pages. Due to this I just have to cancel the order, Which is also impact on my account as cancellation and completation rates decreased immediately,
  8. Hi Dear All Hope you all having a good day, Recently I got the direct order form VID buyer which was really good for me, But as the discussion begin he just said to change the text, add header and page numbers in just $5 but as I started working when I said to him to modify the order and increase the price. He got agree and when I said him to cancel the order, He used harsh words, that's hurt me, we think that VID buyer must be professional in dealing and deal the fair but that was not good experience.
  9. hmmm May I know your Niche category please?
  10. Yeap It has been so noisy instead of throwing or sharing valuable information or helping others to learn more valued skills. I am just tired of being scammed many times.
  11. I have taken your Survey I liked it, But wanted to see that options to stop fake suggestions and tips from the forum of Fiverr.
  12. Seems as though what you are offering is way too broad in scope. If I were to see your listing, I would not have a clue what exactly you would do. You need to be a bit more specific I think. GG hmmm right means I need to specify and highlight that summary of …?
  13. Same here, I am also facing this situation and I am first level seller.
  14. But I didn’t even hear any one of the buyers from VID nor they are being seen on the VID platform, Maybe they don’t exist here or they have Herry porter Coat. 😉
  15. As we all know it has become so tough to get the order and for that, we have to get out of these disappointing Whirlpool waves, Open for suggestions, Tips, or some good kind wave to help me out from this situation. THANKS
  16. I recently design a new gig, and it has been more than 15days but don’t know what the problem. Fiverr.com Sanaaliabbasi: I will write a summary of any content writing for $5 on...For only $5, Sanaaliabbasi will write a summary of any content writing. | Warm GreetingsTo write a summary it's very necessary to capture the all core point with concise words.I will write a professional concise and core summary | Fiverr
  17. @uk1000 Thanks for your suggestion I am going to change it, Much appreciated people like you who give genuine advice rather than guiding them to the wrong path. Once again Thank you from core heart.🙂
  18. Same here I also being online but all vain 😭
  19. Hi Everyone, Hope You all are having a good day 🙂 here is my gig with the unique Idea. what you people think about it. Fiverr.com Sanaaliabbasi: I will listen you, you may say me everything for $15 on...For only $15, Sanaaliabbasi will listen you, you may say me everything. | Hi "I will listen You".Sanaali here is a unique program for those who can't say or share something with others but want to speak about | Fiverr
  20. If It is that so, Then I am afraid that Fiverr is going to lose its most potent and reliable sellers although Fiverr has introduced new options as “Fiverr recommendations” but it’s just for top buyers I haven’t seen yet for new sellers, and In this way of searching engine services the new sellers’ cants make room on the Fiverr platform.
  21. There is no specific days, Try to share your gig on all social media platforms when clicks on your gig will increase then there are chances to get the order,
  22. A Big Success always Takes Time to Achieve.
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