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  1. Will you even? Take a look at 'wordpress website design' and see for yourself how many other sellers are offering same service as you do. Then ask yourself a question: "What makes me to stand out in front of others?". You'll then get an answer to a question you are asking here.
  2. I usually pick out interesting buyer request and write something chill, friendly and informative to see if it gives something good in return. Doing LSD sounds a bit too ‘official’ and may put some people off. Either way, good tips and I had a decent laugh from “LSD”. 😃
  3. Maybe you should have read ToS first and then contact SC. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Before creating any gigs, you should have do a research both on this forum and other resources BEFORE creating a gig. Since you’re a developer, surely you know how to look for answers on your questions then 😉
  5. Its practically pointless to optimize anything in case you’re trying to “sell yourself” in a high competitive market. Categories you’ve selected - how many other sellers offer same services there? If there’s more than 15k, then ask yourself a question: Why would they choose you? Point is - do try to research your target market and see if you can find something on-demand yet not spammed with “pRofEsSiOnAl” sellers that do their job in 2 clicks 🙂
  6. Hello there! 1.) “What’s your budget?” generally inquires the ‘quality’ of a product as it both depends on time and money. Maybe you say, you want it for 5$ and then require your website to have “name a list here”. So a developer can either tell you a different price, be more ‘merciful’ and agree to work with your/within your budget or try and go ‘eco’ mode on that project. WIX/Wordpress/Ucoz (you name it) - are relatively easy to build websites because its least time consuming rather than a proper web development. Proper web development normally assumes $/h stake thus it can grow crazily expensive unless a web developer already has a ready “template” for you to use, then its only “adjust this or that” phase. Ironically, if you want to go cheap and simple, then why NOT to try Wordpress? As in… what stops you? You can try look to get a custom theme for it and make a requirement to avoid any “Freemium” themes to be used by the developers or Elementor/Pagelayer, etc. Either way, best of luck to you!
  7. Video part: As previously mentioned - more stable camera. Put it on a book or a tripod, don’t hold it in your hand. Try use both of your hands to express yourself, more expression(s) to your face. Let your viewers see your burning passion for something you love to do. Gig itself: Some images would love to see a higher definition quality. Such a cliche phrase. A lot of non-professionals use this tag so it kinda has more of a negative impact rather than a positive one. Besides, there’s no such thing as 100%. (Unless its a download :D) NO UNLIMITED REVISIONS. It is a HUGE BIG ULTRA MEGA NO NO. Rest looks good.
  8. “By my gig now” as a thumbnail of one of your gig made my day. On the other hand, for starters if you want to learn new things - do a research on a market you’re going to provide your services at. Avoid high competition. Because right now, you’re in it.
  9. A single image with no text in won’t get you far. Secondly, that is fine. 500 impressions means how many people have seen your gig next to the others. Search your own gig and look at those that are around and ask yourself a question: “Why would I want to click on this one and not that one?”
  10. Contact SC as they can resolve the situation. We can merely suggest things that can be done on your side (aka contacting support) or debate about the whole situation.
  11. As always, forum can’t really help you to resolve this issue. SC, on the other hand, can as they do have all the tools needed. If a client has accepted your delivery, then why all the fuzz? 🙂 If he didn’t, then wait for 3 days for a system to auto-complete it.
  12. Then they can download this doc (File → Download) and upload it on Fiverr as part of the requirements for the order. Voila 🙂
  13. Most importantly to avoid communications outside of Fiverr is simply because said conversation(s) lose credibility and cannot be used as a proof for SC in case something foul will come into play.
  14. Your buyer can also set access to view only to those who has a full link to the document. This access can be set to view or edit. So it is not necessarily a must-to-provide email. However, if a buyer wants to be sure that only limited few have access to this document (Because client can’t know who this link will be given ;p), they indeed could restrain it to gmail users only. If I remember correctly, you need a gmail account for such. Another question is, why they can’t download said document and upload it via Fiverr. Is it bigger than 1GB?
  15. Russian is my native language yet I learned English purely from roleplaying with other people via forums and online games and it helped a lot (via live interaction) to easily communicate with others. However, not all clients are rich on words or descriptions and sometimes you’ll have to ask specific questions no matter how many it’ll be, to understand a full picture of one’s order.
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