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  1. did not understand your this sentence ‘Inconsistent use of capitalisation in your gig dot points’ please elaborate
  2. My gigs not getting orders please take a look and suggest changes if needed thanks
  3. If my gig not appears on early pages of buyers search query, how it could be possible that any buyer will contact with me?
  4. how can i check my gig is rank or not?
  5. i just want to check where my gigs rank or where not
  6. No buyer type my title in search bar. who knows my title?
  7. yeah exactly i just want to see where my gig rank
  8. How could i search for my gig?
  9. send maximum buyer requests
  10. for how much time your present here?
  11. did you see any improvement?
  12. Just share your gig on your social media platforms
  13. experienced members please guide me about how could I check my gig placement, like how could we check where our gig stands?
  14. It is certainly the most polite thing to do if they do not give you their name. And many won’t. I don’t give out my name to sellers/buyers anymore as some have tried to harass me on social media. Also, read this. It’s helpful to know what not to call your buyer: Your suggestions noted. thanks
  15. I just say as if i call him/her by the name maybe it would be a pleasant thing for the buyer
  16. their usernames are so awkwards sometimes and containing numbers
  17. Is it effective way to call them by their usernames?
  18. senior members, please clarify how could we know the buyer’s real name?
  19. How to convert clicks into selling?
  20. Stay active and send maximum buyer requests
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