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  1. This is real. You are updating us on every single order 🤦🏻
  2. Half quote, sorry. Your comment remind me a Latin phrase translated as "Who will guard the guards themselves?". In our case could be "who will spam the spammers?" because veteran members of the forum found themselves restricted in the no spam zone and can't add value to the conversations, but spammers are still out there
  3. I don't know if I got your request... Anyway, you can set up 3 packages for gig and up scaling the price accordingly to the services offered. For example, you set up a first package for the minimum or more and offer a limited amount of extras. Just the basic stuff. Then you can set up the 2nd and 3rd package and offer more extras like fast delivery. The kind of extras depend on your field. When set up a price think about the 20% commission you should pay to the platform and your country's taxes.
  4. I'm living in Italy too and yes, I totally feel that they're pushing us. I'm generally pro vaccines but I'm not for imposing them. To me, health is a individual responsibility, some people have diseases not listed for an exemption but are they still at risk. No one talks about them, instead the government's really pushing on Green Pass, extending it to various categories of workers. Also, I don't like the psychological terrorism that television is putting on, glossing over the problems people had with the jab and emphasizing how hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated. These behaviours generate only confusion and little confidence in the scientific community.
  5. Good for you. But a) It's Fiverr not Fiber b) You posted in the wrong category. This thread should be in "Your Fiverr Experience"
  6. Of course. But not only those 🤣 Oh, boy. What a talented translator. Could be a good source for a sci-fi novel
  7. You know Zeus, I speak a little Japanese thanks to anime and Takeshi Kitano's movie (think about rude people and gangster yelling each other and what they usually say - I know that kind of language too) so, maybe I can help you. Just joking. I can't wrap my head around "desperate" people lying about their skills
  8. I was wondering the same. Still don't know the answer but I found this in the Fiverr's Community Standards: Do not post, offer, or ask for: Lists with data (such as email addresses or phone numbers) of individuals, only business data. Premade lists containing personal data. Scraping social media platforms to obtain information about others.
  9. I've recently seen your post about the 20th order... Are you going to make a new post for every order? 😱 Because it's insane, let me say it
  10. If anybody can do that, please throw in the winning numbers of a couple of lotteries - thanks!
  11. Not the best professional introduction so far. My advice is to move your post in the right category - which isn't "Tips for Buyers" as you're advertising yourself.
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