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  1. It happened to me too so often, i don’t have any problems with dear, mister, however “bro” is a red flag.
  2. Same here, got 2 orders in 2 months, I think that canceling some orders has ruined my stats
  3. Well, you just get the darth vader light saber on your profile but it disapear after 60 days :rofl:
  4. It’s fiverr mythes that keep being repeated. I just wonder at which moment they will stop to think it’s true.
  5. It’s quite random, I’ve got a lot of orders during 1 month when i started to work seriously on fiverr, got lvl 1 badge, then lost it and haven’t got any orders since 2 months untill a returning buyer came back
  6. Not native english speaker, I haven’t got any problem, it happened I translated words i don’t know in google translate but all good.
  7. Still glad that it works since this platform is a clown fiesta…
  8. It’s funny because they hope an answer from the autor who probably have left fiverr since years :rofl:
  9. I’ve seen this so much time, I have no idea what they expect other than a ban…
  10. Then basicly, background removal is just 1 subject that concerns photo editing…
  11. True, it looks like a 90’s video game :rofl:
  12. Yes, I just never got this kind of situation, i was just wondering, but he hasn’t been online since when he placed an order, let’s see
  13. Thank you, yes, i know he hasn’lt filled it and said he will do it later but it has been 3 days already, I even wonder if he didn’t forget he placed an order :rofl:
  14. I have received this, the guy really thought I was gonna spend time to make samples then I know my job and have nothing to prove and thought I was like a dog that we feed if satisfied or not… I don’t understand them at all Sans titre747×629 47.5 KB
  15. Hello, someone messaged me for a video project, has placed an order and didn’t fill requierements and said “I’ll need a little time to provide video files”, it has been now 3 days that the order got this statut in my dashboard. Will this order remain like this or is gonna desapear after some days ?
  16. We repeated the same things over and over, just let them be online 24/7 behind their screen and not sleep if they keep not listening. Normally, if people try to use brain and think a little bit, they notice it is useless to stay online 24/7
  17. That is not how it works. Customer service does not have to prove you did not deliver the right product. YOU have to prove to CS that you delivered the work as described in your gig. I am sorry that you had this experience. However, I have found that CS has always been very supportive of me when I contact them. true, I don’t know how do they all do to have problems with CS, I always had a great experience with CS even when I got my worst buyer, I also asked them things, it always has been fine.
  18. Yes, better having something permanent in our profile than canceling something that will just decrease stats temporary… Smart moove
  19. No need to contact customer support, they have nothing to do with this, it’s just a matter about if people want my services or not, customer support can’t force people to buy, lol.
  20. Yes, my bad, the “why” was more about the business not working, but yes i know why i lost the lvl 1
  21. For me, my business has stoped to work since 1 month and half, I almost got the lvl 2 sellers badge, then i got the lvl 1 badge instead, that i have lost today, I don’t know why xd
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