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Fiverr is my life. you?


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Wow. Some have their priorities out of whack if they think Fiverr is their “life”.

No. Fiverr is NOT my “life”.

And, just because some here do not count Fiverr as their “life” does not mean they are not successful here - putting all your hopes, dreams and “life” in one basket is a very risky and foolish action. What if Fiverr were to disappear tomorrow? I know of sites that were up for years and then suddenly, vanished leaving those who were counting on it for their “life” empty handed and scrambling to find a replacement.

I would hope that on your deathbed you are not going on and on about Fiverr - I would hope your family and those close to you rank higher than Fiverr.


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Im 13, Fiverr was my life but now I own a business.

Wow! That’s impressive- a business owner at 13 years. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of business is it?

I own a graphic design business, I freelance and planning to get into real estate sooner or later but Im not sure. Right now I have to study as I’m not really good in time management so I have to hault freelancing. Thanks for the compliment, really appreciate it

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Trust me, don’t depend on Fiverr. I started freelancing in 2012. I learn so many things so far.

  • Make extra income.
  • invest your money in business
  • Build your brand expand your business locally.
  • create your workspace, separate it from your personal life
  • improve your current skills learn new ones
  • always take care is your health. follow good health condition

Go out to have some fun with your loved ones and family. This is just a platform for your business. Fiverr for life is the most stupid thing you can ever do.

Are you fulltime freelancer or also do job?

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Yes… From the second I wake up to the second I got to bed I’m pretty much on fiverr. Making money is addictive. I used to play a lot of video games and grind for achievments… Now fiverr is my video game lol

I used to play a lot of video games and grind for achievments

Well there aren’t that many achievements here. You might have to move to a new game fast :))

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