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  1. It happened to me too so often, i don’t have any problems with dear, mister, however “bro” is a red flag.
  2. Same here, got 2 orders in 2 months, I think that canceling some orders has ruined my stats
  3. Well, you just get the darth vader light saber on your profile but it disapear after 60 days :rofl:
  4. It’s fiverr mythes that keep being repeated. I just wonder at which moment they will stop to think it’s true.
  5. It’s quite random, I’ve got a lot of orders during 1 month when i started to work seriously on fiverr, got lvl 1 badge, then lost it and haven’t got any orders since 2 months untill a returning buyer came back
  6. Not native english speaker, I haven’t got any problem, it happened I translated words i don’t know in google translate but all good.
  7. Still glad that it works since this platform is a clown fiesta…
  8. It’s funny because they hope an answer from the autor who probably have left fiverr since years :rofl:
  9. I’ve seen this so much time, I have no idea what they expect other than a ban…
  10. Then basicly, background removal is just 1 subject that concerns photo editing…
  11. True, it looks like a 90’s video game :rofl:
  12. Yes, I just never got this kind of situation, i was just wondering, but he hasn’t been online since when he placed an order, let’s see
  13. Thank you, yes, i know he hasn’lt filled it and said he will do it later but it has been 3 days already, I even wonder if he didn’t forget he placed an order :rofl:
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