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  1. This is amazing, please sign me up.
  2. You can sell your service anywhere. No restrictions
  3. Message from support above So your gig remove from search engine right away? This is not acceptable. Contact them again
  4. I don’t know. They said I made a general TOS violation but after checking the message logs realized they’d made a mistake. That’s strange usually, and you will get an email explaining the violation.
  5. The first time can take up to 14 days. After that, you can get your funds in few hours. Double-check your account numbers and information again.
  6. image1819×894 99.2 KB Scroll down to bottom of the page. You can find an option to change currency
  7. No one can guarantee that. Sometimes your gig will be removed from search results without any cancellation
  8. What about making a portfolio site (the private page that is not available to the public) and uploading your writing before sending it to the seller. If they complete the order, you can remove it from your site. If they steal your writing, you can check plagiarism to find out.
  9. Trust me, and there’s nothing you can do about this. Last week someone got a refund from customer support. The reason is he doesn’t need the design anymore. By the way, he provides a gig requirement and waits until delivered the logo. Fiverr customer support always solves this kind of dispute from one side. Buyers can say whatever they want and get a refund quickly. At least they have to let us explain the situation, which is never happening. Here is my solution
  10. Sometimes it happens when your client sends spam messages. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about this.
  11. I had a similar experience. One day few of my gigs are deleted automatically. When I contact customer support, they don’t have any clue what causes the issue. Also, support confirms gigs are perfectly fine and nothing to change or modify.
  12. You need to contact Fiverr support to do that.
  13. Nice, keep me updated about your progress.
  14. I remembered a couple of days ago few people open forums threads about having this issue. You should contact Fiverr customer support. it seems like it’s a bug
  15. I had a similar issue. All I do is change my opera browser to google chrome. If you were already using google chrome clear cookies and cache and you’re good to go
  16. If you withdraw money to Payoneer, you will get an email like 5-30 minutes. image847×405 18.5 KB
  17. When you publish your gig for the first time, your gig appears in the newest arrival section. You might get those views from there
  18. You only have 100+ reviews. I’ve complete more than 1200+ orders. I’m pretty sure you never met the fraud buyer I was talking about. 7/10 people never contact the seller before place the order. Some buyer just checks out portfolio never read the description. There’s no way to refuse the dispute if your buyer contacts the support team. They cancel your order without your input.
  19. Of course, the problem is they investigate dispute without sellers’ feedback. Buyers can say whatever they want and get refund easily. It’s not fair
  20. As you guys know, some buyers take refunds after complete the order. Fiverr understands the situation, and they protect from fraud chargeback. But sometimes buyers open dispute with not acceptable reasons such as I don’t want this design anymore.I don’t have the money (personal stuff).Also, I caught a few of them using my designs after canceling the order. As a designer, we need more protection over our designs. here are my suggestions I think the seller needs to decide about a money-back guarantee. You guys can add this option in pricing section ( No money-back guarantee after deliver the work.) image522×585 28.5 KBSome designs take hours. Imagine someone asks refund for a stupid reason after I deliver my work. Don’t let buyers download designs before completing the order. (watermark removals and redesigns logo is easy)Order cancellation from customer support. Without getting sellers feedbackThis is the most famous fraud. Buyer waits until complete order automatically. Because after that, there’s no watermark in the designs. Final step - Just contact Fiverr with reasons that goes with fiverr TOS. And they will refund the money without contacting the seller. When the buyer made a complaint against the seller, please contact the seller and clarify the situation. Feel free to share your thoughts
  21. I don’t know about you. If I cancel my orders, Fiverr remove my gigs from search results right away. Even buyer ordered by mistake LOL
  22. If this not work use on screen keyboard 😃
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