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Promoted Gigs Option - Your Experience


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Hi sellers!

I would like to know if any of you has ever been chosen by Fiverr to try the Promoted Gigs feature.
Please let us know your honest opinion about and if 10$ per click is worth it. Did you see a significant improvement in your impressions and gigs? But most importantly, in your sales?

Also, is 10$ per click (even just a random click?) or per click that results in order/inquiry??

P.S. (I have already researched this topic on the search bar and have read some of them, but I would love to read more experiences.)

Thank you!

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Promoted Gig feature is very good for sellers. you will mange your bid according to your budget. you will select it 0.12 , 0.25 and 0.35 not $10 for click. fiverr only charge when buyer click on your gig and check your packages.

Thanks for clarifying that to me! I have read somewhere here in the forum that it’s 10$ per click and I obiously thought it was too much 😅

Anyway, have you tried it yourself? 🙂

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