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  1. Actually it is not something you can control or do something about. It's manually picked up by Fiverr.
  2. Congrats on your first tip! Tips are always welcome and whether big or small, they always make a seller's day! ☺️
  3. Definitely not. Don't believe that you have to stay online as much as you can to get orders. It surprises me that there are people who still believe that. That myth has been debunked in this forum some time ago, you can find the topic here: For other tips you can use the search bar and do some research :)
  4. Definitely not. Don't believe that you have to stay online as much as you can to get orders. It surprises me that there are people who still believe that. That myth has been debunked in this forum some time ago, you can find the topic here: For other tips you can use the search bar and do some research :)
  5. Definitely a dog person! I love dogs and I would love to have one so badlyyyy. I like cats too, but sometimes they seems scary aaaand I get asthma around them, so...
  6. Or maybe you're seeing the same buyer request over and over again. Some of them remain in the page for quite a while. If you no longer want to see them, you can just click on the "Remove Request"
  7. I've been away for a while, so I only see the Forum update now and... I love it! Looks professional, clean and organized. We can now avoid going through "New to Fiverr" posts since there is a dedicated topic for that. Yayyy! Great job! ☺️
  8. Yayy, so curious and excited! 😊
  9. I also have encountered many buyers/sellers who called me “m’am”… Some male buyers even called me “dear” and sometimes even sent hearts to thank me. 😶 Most of them were Europeans. It honestly does not bother me when it comes from female repeated buyers, with which I’ve started building some kind of “friendly relationship”… But yea… I always try to keep it professional and simple, with “hi/hello” or by calling them by their name. On the other side, I am asian and in our country it’s completely normal to call someone “sir, m’am”. It’s some way of approaching the other person with respect. I was born and raised in Europe so, it sometimes sounds weird and “too much” for me too.
  10. Just took the survey! 🙂
  11. It happened to me as well, it’s a bug from Fiverr’s system. As I was scrolling through my completed orders I saw a text in red saying “_______ is waiting for an update from you for 36 days”, I immediately contacted CS and sent them the screenshot and they confirmed it was a bug of the system and didn’t in any way affect my stats.
  12. I remember it as if it was yesterday… 😊 I know many people wait for days, weeks, months and even years to get their first order, but, thankfully, I got it in less than 24h after signing up to the platform. One afternoon I signed up on Fiverr, not having plans to immediately start creating gigs, but during that night I navigated on the platform and saw there were services for T-shirt designs. I had some designs and images ready in my laptop because years ago I wanted to start a business for customised merch, but it was too much of a hassle (waiting to get bundle orders, print, etc…). So I created the gig that same night using the designs I created years ago. The next morning I received a message from a buyer saying “hello”, he was interested in one of the designs I uploaded in my gig. So I delivered in few hours and he was so happy that he ordered again. That same day, my very first day on Fiverr I got 3 orders from the same buyer. I honestly did nothing to get that first order, I only created the gig and I was blessed that someone liked one of the designs I uploaded and then wanted more.
  13. Sending prayers to India!! 🙏 What’s happening is heartbreaking! Hope everything will get better soon.
  14. Please, stop with this “staying active” thing…
  15. Background removal expert… there are thousands here already… I think you should start by offering something that has not been offered yet, or maybe has less competition. Otherwise, do what’s possible to stand out from the 46.800 other background removal services already existing on the platform…
  16. I just cancelled an order last night for way more than 5$, because after sending the buyer 3 different concepts, he changed idea every time and didn’t know himself what he REALLY wanted. So, even though I knew it would affect my stats, I asked to cancel the order. You’re doing all of this for just 5$, so if it’s taking ayaw your peace, I don’t think it’s worth it continuing.
  17. I also read about this and also tried to do this. Unfortunately, when the number of pending orders started to increase, I struggled to deliver earlier. I should work on that!
  18. First, you should remove the photo since it shows the username of the buyer and this is against Fiverr Forum regulations. Secondly, yes you should report it but I see you already did.
  19. Woooah! Congrats @frank_d on your continued success! And thank you for encouraging all of us!
  20. Hiiii, There are plenty of topics about that in the Forum already, all you have to do is type the keywords in the search bar. However, I don’t wanna discourage you, but it is not that easy to get an order from the Buyer Requests section, buyers receive 100+ offers in just a few minutes (depending on the category) and many of the buyers ask for the world for a 5$ budget… so be careful. I suggest you to try to improve your gigs as much as possible so that you can attract buyers without having to respond to buyer requests. All the best!
  21. Hi! I have checked your profile and I don’t understand why your customer think you’re someone who can only remove the background, as there’s no gig about that! :woman_shrugging:t2: By the way, never send your customer a demo or a sample until they have placed an order, it’s like giving away free work. Maybe if you have a portfolio you can show them that, but never send samples for free.
  22. I don’t think you can jump from No Level to Level Two without passing by Level One. So on the 15th you will be Level One.
  23. Congrats on your achievement @vibronx !! 🥳
  24. Couldn’t agree more on everything you said! Happy anniversary here on Fiverr @looseink!
  25. First thing you need to know, it’s not about luck, it’s about hard work. All the best for your new journey! Stay away from false myths 🙂
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