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  1. Quick answer: NO. If anyone on SM where to click you're link, they are likely to browse other gigs - your competitors. Fiverr proudly displays below yours, others in same/similar category. Unless you have the best and most enticing gig, you have the same chance as a random click.
  2. I find bad reviews to be more useful as a buyer. Good reviews are worthless, they pretty much say the same thing over and over. When I see a bad review, I'm really interested in reading the seller's response. How well the seller articulates him/herself says a great deal about the freelancer's character. Those that respond with a snarky, whiney, self-pity, unprofessional remark, turns me off. Those that state a well written fact and event without pointing a finger tells me all I need to know. A buyer's bad review never turns me off, the seller's response does. You do your thing, and let the customers do their thing. You don't have to leave a review for the buyer, if you don't want to.
  3. I am exclusively a buyer on this platform. Once upon a time, I was very active here. I was also buying quite a bit, at that time. Since my full time job took a different direction, I had to put my freelancing side job on the back burner. I've been gone for a long time and haven't even purchased in about a year. I am not in a position to give any advice to other buyers until I get active in my freelancing career wiring ebooks again. Truth be told, I loved interacting with long time sellers here and have bought great gigs from them. There were at times, I was rather "lonely" with so few people with extensive buying experience. I've been catching up on few forum post and I admit there is way less drama than wat back when. I did, occasionally, feel unwelcome (may or may not have been true, but it's the way I felt). ********* My 1st two buying experience on 5r was atrocious. It was so darn bad, I was turned off. One failed to deliver and one canceled one me. Lol. 😁😆 I would have left but back then, you only go back a credit on your account. I tried for the 3rd, and in my mind, the last time. I finally landed a seller who was truly a professional that delivered top quality work. Omg! I was so thrilled. Had it not been for that 3rd seller, I'd have left permanently. I do understand how fustrating it can be for new buyers. It's rather daunting with thousands to filter through. Just a short stroll down memory lane.
  4. It would be beneficial if there was a subcategory to your search. I am looking for a virtual assistant to do internet research and categorize it on a spreadsheet. If I can put "Virtual Assist" in the search and then put "Research or Excel" in subsearch, it could filter down the number of sellers. Thanks.
  5. I don't know. I'm afraid to find out. 😁😁😁
  6. I just noticed the "msg buyer" icon. Does this mean the seller will have access to my inbox if I submit a brief? That would be just awful. I only have limited # of sellers with access to my mailbox for a reason. Around 2014 time-frame, I had to cancel my account and create this on (hence the #2 on my profile). I was getting crazy amounts of messages asking for work.
  7. I've read the articles, blogs in regards to your vetting process to become a Business Seller but I'd like to know from your 1st hand account. When it was 1st rolled out, I was auto enrolled (as a buyer). I was tied up and didn't buy at that time, so I cancelled before they charged me $149. Well, now that I have time and working to create my own site, I'd like to consider signing up. Searching through thousands of Sellers is daunting. I am absolutely going to be doing my due diligence but just don't want to spend 100 hours looking at endless list of gigs. If the business platform was vetted with tough standards, it'd be well worth the $149 in time management savings. Any of you business seller able to elaborate? Thanks.
  8. The seller you hired has writing skills that isn't up to par. I can see just by reading his profile and gig page, he's not a proficient or fluent writer. He has misspelled words and incorrect use of punctuation. I don't know many native writers of English would put, "It would be my pleasure to serve you." In their gig description. I wouldn't have even bother to contact him or make a test order. I've ordered many articles and also been duped a few times too. Are you sure the good articles you received aren't plagiarized ones from another web site? Do a search.
  9. What happens if a buyer messages you and you weren't online to answer? I'd think you're ignoring me and move onto someone that response immediately.
  10. Just a funny yet useful tip for those of you buyers that still occasionally use Buyer's Request. I don't use Buyer's Request that often, but occasionally, I'll post something to see if I can find a newbie diamond to put in my back pocket. I listed exactly what I needed and at the end of my request, I wrote, "Ask me a question." No matter how thorough I am, there is always something that needs to be answered. I figured people would ask me something about the gig. Well, for those that actually took the time to read my request, did ask. Most of them asked me a question about the job, few asked me a generic question like, "How's your day?" (🙂 technically, they did ask a question. Then there were a few that were cute facts, hysterical in nature or just silly. It showed me they read my requirement, some sellers have excellent sense of humor and they will be fun to work with. My advice for using BR, just tell bidder to ask a question!!! 🙂🙂🙂😄😄😄😁😆😁😆
  11. I bought these from some amazing sellers in Ukraine who are working in the midst of chaos. I am humbled at the talent and strength these guys have in the midst of, well, you know. ❤ These are audio/music/songs. They did for me. Please enjoy! 🧡 💛 💚 💙 Ist one is Bass instruments recording over the song. 2nd one us original song One Of Us (bass tapping cover).wav Victory (_russia_kakasha).mp3
  12. Would you risk the chance of the buyer tipping you $450? What if the buyer decides **NOT** to tip and closes the order. Then what? Are you going to complain to CS? 🤔 The seller is out $450 with no one to complain to and no way to recoup it. Nope. I don't agree that's the reason for the 20%.
  13. I'd vote no on this. I think it would create too many opportunities for the cheaters, liars and scammers.
  14. Hello @fynwriter I'm glad to have had the chance to help you out. Wish you the best on your 6r journey. 😀
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