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  1. I don’t think this script’s content goes against terms of service. Feels pretty fictional, imho, and could imagine this going into some satire/parody piece. Though if you feel uncomfortable going ahead with it, definitely cancel the order through CS and/or block the buyer so that he or she can’t order.
  2. Fiverr will (in my experience) tell you that it can’t force a buyer to complete an order but that one is welcome to notify the buyer that the order isn’t eligible for cancellation. Continue to stand your ground, and eventually the buyer will have to give in or commit some terms of service violation that will result in the removal of said buyer. Hope things work out well for you.✨
  3. This is a cool suggestion! I do like the idea of warnings expiring after some period of time, especially if it’s possible that they affect a seller’s ability to be promoted and/or offered special programs later in their Fiverr career (and long after they’ve learned from their mistakes).
  4. Exactly! You shouldn’t have the burden of follow up or hoping that they’ll honestly reach back out to you. I’d insist on commercial rights being bought initially. Any potential for the illustration being used commercially, in my opinion, calls for commercial rights.
  5. I’m interested in being invited.
  6. It could be that the seller blocked you or that Fiverr blocked you on behalf of the seller (which I’ve found has happened to me before). There isn’t much you can do, really. If there’s something the seller can do on his/her side, maybe you’ll be able to get in contact with them again. What @mjaninea suggested is also very likely. I’d wait a couple of days (if the project time permits) and then just move on to a new seller if nothing is rectified. Submit a ticket to CS here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=zendesk If the seller doesn’t work out, hopefully you’re able to find another soon. 🙂
  7. It will effect your order completion rate. I was saying that it wouldn’t affect one’s completion rate if CS canceled it without penalty. If CS doesn’t do that, then yes, it will affect one’s completion rate.
  8. Oh, I hate that. Shame CS isn’t better about these things with some sellers. 👎
  9. In my experience you just get put through to a supervisor who marks the ticket as closed and doesn’t let you reply to it and refuses to answer to you. I guess everything’s different for different people. Whenever they’ve tried to close the ticket, I open it again and continue to repeat what I need until they do something.
  10. Were I you, I would contact Fiverr Customer Support to handle the cancellation for you. This way you can be certain it won’t affect your stats; and if the support agent doesn’t want to do it without hurting your statistics, calmly but firmly insist on it— thoroughly and concisely explaining why you are not in the wrong— until they agree.
  11. I think it looks nice! It’s definitely a feature I would use, as I like using dark modes at night when it’s late and want something easier on the eyes. 😄
  12. I didn’t do any orders on Christmas (thankfully OOO didn’t mess that up). It was my birthday as well, so I got to celebrate with my family and eat a wonderful birthday cheesecake my mom made for me! 🎉
  13. Wow! Welcome back and congrats on law school! Did you miss Fiverr at all? And what are your plans for the future (at Fiverr or with law)?
  14. People can be blunt on the forum, yes, but OP also might have made the mistake of trying to sell a format he doesn’t already know how to provide, which is just as much a mistake and what I sense everyone is criticizing. Asking a question isn’t inherently wrong, but there are many sellers on the platform who advertise services they aren’t competent in, and the result of their service is a bad reputation for Fiverr that hurts competent sellers. Not sure if that’s OP’s case (buyer could’ve ordered without contacting him first), but it is something to consider. Also, there were sellers trying to help OP, so I’m not sure it is as “wrong” a decision as you’ve said. 🙂
  15. Personally, I understand Fiverr has a business to run, and by functioning on this platform, I agree to how they run it. This isn’t the only freelancing platform out there, and Fiverr has been really good to me, so I’m not going to complain. Plus, because I do large orders most of the time, the fees aren’t an issue; the tax always seems like more on a $5 order than a $500 order, you know? I’m a V.I.D. and Lvl. 2 seller, and I don’t think I’ll be leaving anytime soon. Just my take on it, though. I know others feel differently. 😅
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