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  1. Yes, It's a great tips. When you will make a relationship with seller that time seller will provide you more professional work and he will try to provide you something extra so that you will satisfied with his work. So it's a good tips for buyers. Thank you so much Manuelmarino for your tips.
  2. I complete my 6 number order on Fiverr and 7 number order is running.
  3. Hi Everyone,🙏 I hope you are doing well. Today I am going to tell you how to send an effective buyer request and get a response from the buyer. I hope it will very helpful for the new sellers. At first, read the full buyer request carefully and find what want the buyer. You need to find the main topic which is buyer want. Then Think about how you can satisfy your buyer with your offer and why the buyer read your offer and send you a message. Then think about how to send your request deferent to other sellers. When this is done then start writing. 1. Don't call Sir or Madam just call his/her Name if have otherwise call Hi, Hello or Hi there. 2. Discuss his/her work and tell him how to do his/her work. 3. All-time focus client time and budget don't try to more than client budget and time. If the client has time 7 days You will try to do that 5 days if possible. 4. Try to make a question on his/her topic it will very helpful for getting a response. 5. At last respect your client and invite him/her to send you a message. 6. After sending a buyer request try to be active online 24/7 hours because if a client sends you a message you can respond quickly. I hope if you will follow this all topic step by step it will help you to get a response to buyer.
  4. I can give you some suggestion... 1. Check your gig position First. 2. If your gig is not a good position then research why is the problem. 3. Research your gig then if there have any problem edit it and then see how is going. 4. Everyday send buyer request. Before send a buyer request first think why your client satisfied to see your request and how is best to others request is your request. 5. Stay online with your best try to 24/7 hours. 6. Follow others sellers why they got order everyday what is deferent your gig to their gigs.
  5. Wow, What a experience to satisfied a buyer. Congratulation.
  6. This all tips is very helpful thank you so much for share this tips with us.
  7. Thank you so much. It's really very effective way to send a buyer request.
  8. Hi, I hope you are well. I am facing a problem which is my gig is not improve. Please check my gig first: https://www.fiverr.com/share/90wZxK Can you gig me some suggestion please how Can I improve my gig and I can rank my gig? I am waiting for you suggestion. So please help me. Thank you.
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