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  1. Hi shadiya 😍 how are you 🥰


  2. Check your Payonner account. In Upcoming transaction section.
  3. By this you will get a warning 🥶
  4. The order will be automatically accepted.
  5. Try to send effective buyer request. And make your gig attractive.
  6. Maybe this is the reason when you search BR that time no BR exist. So try to refresh this page between 5-10 minutes. Or clear the apps data then check again.
  7. For this your post should be on "Improve my gig" or "My fiverr gig" category. This FAQ section is not for gig advertising.
  8. Congratulation shadiya 🤩💐

    i seen your profile today and i am really happy that you promoted to level one. And keep it up wish you best luck for your next level or project. 🙂


    1. shadiya646


      Thank you so much turjay. Hope you will get also what you want one day surely. 

    2. turjay


      so sweet of  you😍🥰 just pray for me and i believe your pray will be accepted by god❤️

    3. shadiya646


      In sha allah you will also achieve your goal.🥰

  9. Congratulations on reaching level one, Shadiya! 

    Congratulations to All of Our Maintenance Director Recognition Winners |  Middleton Senior Living

    1. shadiya646


      Thank you so much🥰

  10. You will find your answer here! https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560198-Order-Completion-Rate-and-Cancellations-FAQ?segment=seller
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