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  1. I personally liked it in terms of layout and typography but things are new here, so facing some difficulty while navigating It will take some to get used to it
  2. Plenty of questions have already been asked on this As the vickie spencer suggested, use the search feature, you will find lots of useful information regarding this question
  3. Patience is all we have! For now, you can explore the buyer request section Sometimes it helps a lot when you’re lacking orders Tip:- Stay away from the buyer requests that are hitting rock bottom prices
  4. Age wouldn’t matter here If something matter, then that is your talent and experience If you think that you’re having something that other sellers lacks in your field, then go for it
  5. Did you notice any change after uploading the video?
  6. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us! I appreciate it I have been following you for a long time on the forum I really amazed to see how active you are here and helping others People like you make this platform worthy 🙂
  7. The difference between you and I is that I have talked to several Fiverr employees that are in the know, and they have told me about a large piece of the puzzle. Not all of it, but a large piece. 🙂 Is this still a theory? and I guess that large piece of the puzzle is… Fiverr 3.0
  8. Exactly! This is what I’m trying to convey from my previous message
  9. Nope, that’s not it. Your personal observation and experience led you to this theory and my observation and experience led me to something else Either of us doesn’t know the exact answer! Sometimes we make simple things complicated (Human Nature)
  10. I don’t know how but I definitely know why They want to give chance to new sellers too (and this is what makes Fiverr unique from other freelancing platforms) it wouldn’t be possible for Fiverr to put all the gigs on the first page. This is why re-indexing or rotation happens. This way they can give out chance to every seller. When we get that chance, it’s on us how to turn the chance into good fortune
  11. No, still on the last page! Patience is all we have
  12. I think re-indexing would be a better term for it Because when I contacted the support team regarding this, they clearly told me that re-indexing of Gigs happens constantly, and sometimes, Gigs with great ratings can get pushed back.
  13. If buyer had ordered the gig by mistake then I would suggest you that immediately contact the support team and tell them that buyer ordered the gig by mistake and also attach the proof this way, it wouldn’t make a bad impact on your profile Note:- Contact the support team only if it was a buyer mistake
  14. Your account was opened in December 2020! This tells a lot about his seriousness towards his profession
  15. If it’s been a year, then I believe there is something lacking in your gig it could be a gig image, description, or tags So basically you need to focus on how can I improve my gig and I can see that you are offering logo service which is a very competitive field in Fiverr. Sometimes we can get lost in the sea. Show the sea that you are a king of it (if you know what I mean)
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