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  1. Then you tell me how to I ranking my gig??????
  2. Can you tell me if I can't stay in online then how can I look buyer messages ?????
  3. Share your gig on Social media lick Linkedin, pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  4. Share your gig on social media. And be active on your Fiverr account.
  5. I'm also have this problem. Suddenly my gig impression is down...😥
  6. I have also same problem....😔😔😔
  7. Hello friend How are every one. In forum there are many people know me. In my gig there are some mistake. I have corrected my mistake. Can some one please see if there are any mistakes in my gig?🙂🙂
  8. Impressions and clicks mines how many people click on your gig and view in you profile.
  9. No, they all have fiverr accounts and are working on their account. They only help me work on big projects when I get them.
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