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  1. Delivered 2 projects to the same client and I believe there is no reason to get a bad hidden review. Even the buyer was new and I was his first seller which brings more impression as Fiverr says
  2. Hi, I see every sellers getting Year end review with details of how many orders they get this year and many other details. How do I get one? I know they are getting this automatically but is there any other way?
  3. Hello, what does that mean if account is under review. Will my account be banned? Is there any way for appeals?
  4. So the buyer order ( not sure whether wants a product description or product review besides other things which I cleared to avoid trouble ). Accepts orders without any revision request. Personally messaged that work was perfect and wrote a praiseworthy review and yet…
  5. Hy Fiverr Community, It's Usama! I just wanted to ask how am I doing as a new seller. I have created 4 gigs. You can view my profile (and my gigs) here: My Fiverr Profile URL I appreciate any constructive feedback coming from you as an experienced seller. The feedback can be regarding anything e.g. my profile, description, gig images, profile image etc. And just so you can give me more precise and valuable insights, I'm also attaching my gig analytics screenshots. Best Regards! Edit: Added more search tags.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm quite new to fiverr, and recently finished my gig. https://www.fiverr.com/josh_girardi/create-your-3d-design-render-animations-drawings-and-3d-print I would love to know if you can give me any pointers, anything at all you think would make it better. I'm open to editing any of the media I've uploaded, changing my description or perhaps something I haven't even considered. Any of your feedback would be valuable. Thanks Josh
  7. many sellers doesn't give reviews but they come to your inbox and say they really love my work. i'm really upset because of that my rated order percentage is decreasing 🥲
  8. I am a new seller, just completed and delivered my 1st order. As per the Buyer, he has given me 5 star ratings and a good review but both are not showing on my profile anywhere.
  9. Today I have got a awesome review & tips from my USA Buyer, he was so happy with me service, I am also happy with this fantastic feedback. Quality work always help you to build up your Carrirer
  10. About a week ago I received a restriction for apparently violating the Fiverr TOS. Unbeknownst to me, Fiverr claim I have been flagged and restricted for 'manipulating the review system' - now I know this isn't the place to protest my innocence so i'll get on with my questions. 1. I am a relatively new seller and this is the first time anything like this has happened - Is it likely I'll just receive a warning or can my account get banned? 2. Is it likely I will come out of this unscathed? Or is a restriction pretty indicative that the Fiverr team will take action? Has anyone been restricted and then later discovered to have not violated the TOS? 3. If my account receives a warning, how does this affect my ranking and future on Fiverr as a seller? Does anyone have any experience with this? Can I continue to thrive on the platform with a warning? Thanks guys. I am in contact with the support team, but as always they cannot divulge much (if any) info about this.
  11. The first time this has happened. Seller delivered a great product on time and despite clicking 'Yes I Approve Delivery' button, the order is not showing as complete, so I cannot tip or leave a review. This issue is happening across all the platforms I have Fiverr. on.
  12. Hey, I am trying to review back a buyer but, every time I click post it says error Something went wrong, please try again.
  13. One of the things that I read often is what should the seller do with a negative review. Don't feel hopeless, you are your brand; be proud to stand your ground. Wear that bad review like a badge of honor. What matters more is not what the scammer (buyer) wrote but how YOU respond. Here are my tips for you newbies: * Only contact customer support if the review contains profanity. There is very little, if any, chance the review will be removed and this will only add to your frustration. * Always reply to bad reviews, don't let future buyers only see the scammers point of view. * Be professional and factual in your reply, take emotions out. * Good grief, don't apologize if you didn't do anything wrong. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I see so many responses with, "I'm sorry you feel that way." Well, don't be sorry for them. * Remember, you only get one chance, so write it out. Make sure you are coherent with no spelling or punctuation errors. * Make sure your response flows well. Don't use Google translate. I won't have a clue what you are saying. Buyers, like me, are more interested in how YOU, the seller responds. 1. Is the seller professional? Does he use words like, "bro," "dude" or anything along that line? 2. Does the response make sense? Is he rambling? Is he pointing the finger at the buyer? 3. How's his or her writing skill? (Poor writing skills, reflects bad on you. You can hire one of your fellow sellers or a friend that is proficient in English to help you, if you're struggling.) The is only one way to overcome a bad review is to get good reviews. The only way to get more review is by getting orders. Let the future buyers know that you are a professional. Also, let future scammers know that you won't be pushed around. Happy holidays, everyone!
  14. Hello, a buyer ordered me months ago after two months of waiting to receive an order on fiverr. Then, then after completing the order, she said it was good. And she marked the order but, gave me a 4star after ive given her a 5star. Concerning this, i think maybe fiverr should make those stars more visible and let them know that its up to 5star. I think she did not see the remaining star because, she love the work i did for her. And secondly is that, since then, ive not received any order, unable to send buyer request...and i don't even get my self since then. I don't even know what to do. Can't even withdraw the money from pioneer into my bank account because it is not up to $50. Please, i need advice and support on this. Here is my PROFILE LINK: https://www.fiverr.com/miastudio1 Thanks.
  15. HURRAY! Finally Successfully completed my First Order with 5-star review.. It was an amazing experience to create a dropshipping store in Shopify Platfrom. Hopefully My Future endeavour will be Great
  16. Hey fiverr community, I am level-1 seller on fiverr. Actually before few months ago i couldn't work on fiverr because my health issue, so after that my account performance get down. But from the last month i restarted my work again on fiverr as a seller, i have done lot of efforts on marketing for my gig on social media accounts for getting more buyer. Now my main concern is that today i completed a order of 5$ and buyer give my 5 start rating, But still my account dashboard showing ( N/A rating ) while today i get 5 star rating with new order and there are also mentioned there that i need 4.7 rating over the course of 60 days. There are mentioned that my account will demotion because of (N/A ) rating, but i am unable to understand why my account will demotion when i have got 5 star rating today. Kindly guide me about this issue, thanks
  17. Hi all Can I Withdraw Given Review On Fiverr As a buyer?
  18. If I ask a buyer after completion of a project as "if you may you can give feedback " also a violation?
  19. I had finished an order was trying to give a review to my customer and the review never went through every time. All I would get is an error with no details on why I my review didn't go through. I contacted support and it took a couple of days to get going back and forth between different people and finally, I get a vague answer. "Only letters and numbers and avoid using any other characters. Punctuation marks or special characters and symbols can lead to an "illegal characters" error. Only alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers), and commas are advised to be used when leaving feedback." That is what I was told, but what are the illegal characters? Is the same rule from making gigs completely applied to making reviews or not? I just need an exact list of all the illegal characters on fiverr please. I really wanna share my feedback about my customer. I had wrote 4-5 paragraphs in my review about them. If you'd like to see what I wrote, let me know and I'll share it to those who would like to help.
  20. Can I ask the buyer for feedback once an order is completed? He liked everything. But for some reason he may have forgotten to give feedback. Does it support fiverr?
  21. I haven't really recieved any orders in the past month that I started except for one. Is it because my gig is somehow lacking something or is it that it is in a niche and appeals to only a few people. Can anyone give it a quick glance or give some advice for an illustrator. Thanks
  22. Let's say, the buyer has left a review and the seller forgot or doesn't have time to give their own feedback after 10 days... What will happen then? Does this seller still have a chance to leave a review for the buyer, or their chance has expired once the buyer's review has automatically been published? Any real experience with this?
  23. This is not the first time I keep get such a message from a buyer, they telling me they trying to rate the order but kept getting this message (attachment), or the option to review never showed up. I am not sure why we both can not rate and review the order(before the 10 day period was exceeded). Is the problem mine? I do redirect them to CS but still didn't solve. Please let me know what could be causing this. Thank you so much.
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