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Found 4 results

  1. Note: Just take it as casual conversation, I don't mean to hurt anyone, it's just a suggestion. It's just my suggestion, As after seeing that Fiverr is updating its buyer request, I felt that there is a need to build a digital in-house on Fiverr's platform separately, As we all know that time is important and precious for both buyer and seller, And buyers also demand the best seller's services, but most of the time they fail to choose the best one's services, as they don't know much about the seller, But Fiverr does know well about its sellers. My suggestion is that In digital in-house, Fiverr should build a team of expert sellers, and those buyers who give the maximum business to Fiverr, submit their requests to Fiverr's help desk and leave each and everything to the help desk team, Then Fiverr's help desk can directly select the best and most appropriate seller for the buyer's request, As they know well. The Result will be as: No Time will waste in the selection No Negotiations in cost No Fear of cancellation The Best one will get the maximum orders Sellers will work hard to get on the list of Fiverr's experts
  2. Just a few important suggestions for Fiverr Inbox. Search words/keywords in specific chat. Response/Reply to specific messages from clients. React to specific messages with emojis (Checkmark, Like, Smileys, etc.). Thank you!
  3. I've been back and forth e-mailing with CS for a whole week at this point and they don't seem to be listening to me and it's driving me mad! On top of that, someone else handled the ticket, ignored everything I'd been saying and just sent me generic instructions for the verification process. They also e-mail me and the day after they reply at 10pm, they say that they're going to close the ticket if I don't reply soon enough! Their system is not sending me the verification e-mail I need to be able to verify my Paypal/bank account to withdraw my funds. This is an issue I've seen posted here before where Fiverr admitted it was an issue with their system. However, it seems they're not accepting responsibility this time around and won't listen to me after repeatedly asking me the same questions and giving them the same answers. Yes I've checked my junk/spam folder for both e-mails that I have. Yes I've checked it's the same and correct e-mail address on my Fiverr and on my Paypal account. Yes I know how to begin the verification method which I've now attempted several times. Yes I've deleted cache and cookies. Yes I've tried incognito mode. I even sent them a video of me going through the process for the 10th time and showed them my inbox and the junk folders proving it's not coming through and they still were like 'I couldn't see that you checked the junk/spam folder'. I'm starting to lose my patience with them! How many times do I have to tell them the same info over and over that there's an issue on their end before they listen to me?! They're just not listening/helping or asking their engineers to investigate the problem, so it looks like I'm not going to be able to get anything I've earned! What else can I do?
  4. Hi, I'm not trying to criticize here. But sometimes when you're in a big trouble with a client or a difficult situation. The Fiverr CS is the place we look for answers. So, when I expect a really good answer, I get a copy pasted reply! The biggest problem is this happen occasionally. And please note, I am not saying that they should type it all. But some people just copying and pasting irrelevant text from everywhere. 😰 I had to rate the honest experience in that instance. I never tried to rate other bad experiences that occasionally happened. But if this is getting worst, I'm going to submit experience rating for each and every CS inquiries... Otherwise the quality of the CS will degrade I guess. 🧐 I recently felt like I'm getting replies from a bot first! But after I genuinely disagree and point the issue, a human-like reply was given to me. Does that mean we get automated replies for the problems from bots? I know that some chat bots usually send about acknowledgement info, but do they use bots for replying to inquires too? What do you guys think? Does this happen to you too? 🙁
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