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Found 15 results

  1. Sometimes some sellers are feeling upset for review. I think... 1>> May be always buyers are not be happy for our services. But as a human, they don't tell us anything. 2>> Or maybe he was busy that's why he forget to write a review. 3>> Maybe he was not 100% satisfied for your service although you through you gave the best service. So when a buyer is silent about review 1>> Then try to find out your leaking's. 2>> Check out your deliver project, is that were perfect? 3>> Ensure the buyer you gave the best service and ask him did he need any change? Then... If buyer didn't say anything..... Just be happy and prepare yourself for the next job. Its my opinion and not enough for this topic. Expert SELLERS and BUYERS are welcome to comments and give better suggestions. It can be helpful for sellers.
  2. Okay, so a buyer reached out to me in Christmas Eve. We've talked and I made a sample design for him. But, after I made a sample design for him, he said that he would reach back to me in just a couple of hours. However, he hasn't reached back to me at all so I sent him a short message if he's still interested on working with me two days after I sent the sample. I don't think he's a scammer because he also stated that he is checking other sellers that's related in my field when he first messaged me. He has also ordered services from other sellers, but it's not related to my gig whatsoever. It's 5 days already and I need some advice on what to do. Should I send a quick message again and ask if he's still interested or have found another seller? I haven't had an order for a month since I've edited my gig a few times so I'd really like to work with him. Thanks!
  3. Hi friends i need a lil help i am remaining online maximum time of the day but still not getting orders. I am sending the buyers request. Can please any one discuss with me why not I am getting response.
  4. Many times clients want to see some previous works from the sellers. So I have created a website which I have many sample of work. ( my website have no contact information ) Now my question is can I send my website link to my client during conversation?
  5. How to attract the clients to get the order.
  6. Recently, one client messages me. No order create, but the budget confirms. How to do impress a client?
  7. hi friends i am facing a problem my client is not responding at my messages so whats i can do? I have completed the project but he is not accepting it and not giving me any kind of response so in that situation what's I can do???? Thanks
  8. Hi friends i hope every one is fine. I have an order to design a store in which client said he will upload products by own but still not uploading and remaining time is just one day.So whats can i do can i design the whole store and put the featured collections empty or put the dummy products. Waiting for positive feed back. Thanks alot
  9. Just wondering if you ever found yourself wishing for a certain tool to help you with your day-to-day work as a freelancer? For example, I always find myself wasting way too much time on administrative tasks like finding new clients across multiple websites. I wish there was a job aggregator that lets me browse through jobs from Fiverr and other websites in a single dashboard, so I could be more efficient.
  10. Hi; So I explained in detail what I was gonna do to a client and they completely agreed and asked me to start working. After the Delivery they started asking me for totally different tasks. I'm just afraid if they leave me a bad review if i refuse. I'm relatively new and a bad review would ruin me as a seller. Any suggestions? EDIT: They asked for cancellation, would that affect my gig? and what if he just takes my work for free?
  11. Hi, I am a wordpress developer. I need to teach my clients how to use wordpress dashboard, add post/products etc.. So can share my youtube channel's youtube video to the client?
  12. Hello there, I hope you are well. May I know how I can get the more repeated client? Would you please share your valuable tips & find the attachment. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.
  13. I have been working with an email template designer like mailchim, html, omnisend, constant contact, active campaign, etc. Tomorrow my client gives me positive feedback. I have completed my 174 order. Thanks Fiverr
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