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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, If I offer a revision with the package and the package delivery time is 3 days, if the customer requests to use their revision does that extend my delivery time when the revision is requested (add another 3 days) or am I still obligated to deliver the revised product within the first delivery date set when the order was made?
  2. I set my revisions to < 3 for my convenience. this time i set it to zero and the buyer is really sending me revision after revision. how to i not accept revision or how to charge for them additionally.
  3. Some buyers will want you to work for free. As a professional, you should politely decline this type of request. Here's some tips on how to avoid endless revision loops and buyers trying to manipulate you into working for free. 1) Be clear about what's included in the initial price from the start. 2) If they ask for addition work, require payment. Try "Thanks for the update! Here's my quote for the additional changes you requested" or something similar. 3) If the client goes "I'm not paying for that. It should be included!" you can respond with "I understand that you feel that way, and I'd love to help you out. However, this is outside the original scope of this order. I'd be very happy to set up a custom order extra for you, but I'm unable to take on pro bono work at this time." 5) If the client refuses to accept the offer and you're sure you have delivered what was promised, according to your gig specifications and agreement with the buyer, deliver the order again, thanking them. Remind them in a polite manner that this order included X amount of revisions. Make sure to include that you're happy to assist with their revision when/if their budget allows for it. There's no reason to work for free. Ever. If you get a bad review, you can respond to it, explaining that the buyer wanted you to work for free and asked for changes that weren't agreed upon for free. 99% of people reading that review/response at a later date, will be a) a person with a grasp of how to do business, i.e. they will understand and appreciate you as a freelancer, or, b) another buyer who wants you to work for free, i.e. someone you'd want to avoid at all costs anyway. And remember: if a buyer threatens you with a negative review to scare you into working for free, you can report them. That's not allowed. Finally: never offer unlimited revisions included in the price! No serious professional would ever do this. Every revision is an oppurtinity to earn more money.
  4. Hey guys how are you all. Well I usually face this issue when a buyer puts my delivery in revision for no reason. I am a Graphic designer and when I deliver an order I deliver various types of files (Source file and vector file) which can't be open by buyer because they need the design software for that. So sometimes new buyers simply put the order on revision and ask why the file is not opening. So I have to explain them and again deliver all 15 to 20 files which is hectic sometimes. So I wish I could simply clear their confusion and say them to accept the delivery that is in revision. Thanks and have a great day 🙂 (sorry for my English)
  5. So, I write character backstories for people. With two of my longer packages I include free revisions. On top of this I always offer then the option to pay more for one additional revisions just to make sure they are super happy with my interpretation of the character they will be roleplaying. I recently had someone pre-emptively purchase an additional revision (giving them 3 total). I delivered their order and they did not review it during the three day period because they were travelling. (As a quick aside, I found this odd in general as they also paid extra for it to be done early which... why would you do that if you don't plan on looking at it until a few days after the original deadline... but anyway I digress.) So... they ended up not using any of their revisions (even the free ones). Does the system realise that they paid extra for a service they didn't utilise and give them their money back? If that is the case does it subtract it before I get it or is it taken out of my fiverr account after I receive the full payment. If I'm being honest, I feel bad pocketing the $5 when I really didn't do anything to earn it. As a follow up question, they sent no tip and posted no review. Did they not have the opportunity to because the 3-day review window closed already? I've never ordered from fiverr before so I am not sure what exactly buyers can see and interact with.
  6. Hello Fiverr pro's 😍 I hope you are well. I want to clarify about revision🤔. Sometimes, I have to keep 3/5 revisions in a particular order. But I think the client can take more revision & take advantage.😥 Did you face the same thing? If yes, then please share your experience. I'd love to hear from you.🖐️ TIA 🙏
  7. Hey everyone, when I first created my gig, the revisions feature existed in the price section but all of a sudden it just disappeared, do you have any idea about this problem guys. Thanks in advance!2af40108-7b9e-48a6-a710-b757cb933ab9.pdf
  8. I had a good experience working with this buyer on their first order, but prior to completing the second order- I had shared multiple designs of the concept that the buyer requested hours before the delivery due date. He responded after the delivery by saying, "Please revise the delivery according to my comments below.", but did not attach any comments. The next day I inquired about the revisions, but he responded with, "These are not really the direction I wanted to go. I can either eat it or cancel this order. I will not use these. Nothing personal I want more of an artist's style. Thanks anyway." But mind you, he gave me very little instructions ( as he did the first order) on what kind of style he desired, and instead of communicating about the revision or what kind of style he wanted he's asking to cancel it OR accept it and likely write me a bad review. The gig was only $5, and I spent a lot of time creating those designs, but I'm still willing to recreate them if he offered any direction. I told him I understand if he wants to cancel, but I am also up for the challenge of recreating the design. 1. Is this something that happens often with graphic design orders? 2. He hasn't responded, so if nothing is done in 3 days- will the order autocomplete and he can write me a bad review? 3. Is this something that I should contact the Resolution Centre about? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am currently struggling with an order since the buyer keeps asking for revisions even when the max amount of revisions is 6. They keep asking for revisions just a moment after I deliver. Always with minimum changes instead of making a list with the changes they want so I can make all of them and deliver a final version they keep asking for a revision. I have already delivered 8 times and the max amount of revisions of that package is 6. What is happening? They didn't pay for extra revisions either. Edit: I already told the buyer like 3 revisions ago to make the list of changes and they just didn't answer to that.
  10. I've just been demoted for like the fifth time, this time I guess it was my "Delivered On Time" which I had no idea mattered for your Seller level. It was caused by a revision that the buyer didn't reply to until the time was already up. It was a quick request and took me like 5 minutes. Instead of wasting more time asking for an extension and waiting 3 more days for the guy to respond just so I can deliver; I just delivered it "late". **My suggestion is to please pause/reset the time when a revision is requested. Or at least let us reply with a time extension right away if one is needed. I'm also very frustrated with the Response rates. Most of the time I don't even get a notification on my phone when I get a message. So I've been logging in as much as possible to check messages, and sometimes yes there is one. If it's over 24 hours old, I now can't respond or it will poorly affect my response rating. I used to not care and just go ahead, message back and do the work. This will lower your response rate and get you demoted. So now if I have a message that's over 24 hours old, I just ignore it. That's terrible business, but what am I supposed to do? **My suggestion is to post the response rate for all buyers to see, but remove it as a requirement for keeping your seller level. +Remove the 24 hour timeframe (if you reply after 24 hours, fiverr counts this the same as not replying at all /s) In closing, I'm extremely frustrated and feeling like I'm constantly battling against Fiverr just to keep my business afloat. There is a very apparent dip in my orders every time I get demoted. For the amount of time and money I give to this site, it feels awful getting tossed to the ground and nitpicked for every little thing. Been here for 2 years semi-casually, considering leaving for good. Sellers need to be respected at least the same as buyers, instead of letting everyone walk all over us (including Fiverr itself)
  11. Hello there, hope you're doing well. I have an issue with a buyer, she completed the order and left 5 stars review, after a while she came back and asked for revisions which I was happy to do even though it was for free. after she keeps asking me for more revisions and rushing me to complete the revisions soon. QUESTION: am I obligated to do that? since she got all the allowed 4 revisions and the order is completed?
  12. First things first, a small... DISCLAIMER: this is not a topic to discuss whether providing unlimited/no revisions is a good idea or not What I've found up to this day (and I have been a seller for a year and a half now) is that you can offer "unlimited" and "0" revisions only if you are sending a custom offer from the Fiverr mobile app. If you are doing the exact same thing from your PC, you will not be able to see those two options in the dropdown menu for revisions. My question is: Does that difference have a purpose? Or is it just an overlooked feature that was not ported from one platfrom to the other? Because, maybe I'm dumb, but I cannot wrap my mind around this (apparently) useless difference.
  13. ➡️If the buyer wants a revision in the inbox again and again after the order is auto completed, am I obliged to pay or can I claim a tip for it?
  14. Hi, I want to add revisions to my gigs but am unsure how they work with due dates. How do you make sure the customer returns the first draft w/ feedback with enough time to make the revisions before the due date? Thanks, MH
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