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  1. I had an accident last year, for that reason I couldn't work properly for 6moths. After that 6 month period, I don't get any order. Even if I send buyer request, I don't get one. I was about to become Level 2 Seller but now I don't have any work. Please suggest or advice me what to do πŸ˜”
  2. Take greetings from our DredeIT team. I am Tonmoy, We are a team of 6 members. Just started our journey here in fiverr. We are working with WordPress website design. Just published two gigs now. Looking forward to get an order soon. What are your niches? When did you got your first order from here? Let's help each other to grow together, Thanks!
  3. I just joined at Fiverr Forum! I'm a new seller at fiverr! Advice me for getting my first Order from Fiverr!
  4. Hello! I'm a WordPress & Shopify expert. I've been working as a WordPress & Shopify expert for more than two years. I've started my journey on Fiverr from today. So, wish me luck!!!
  5. Hello, I need some help! I have 2 Gig's under the same sub-category. ( 1. For WordPress Website Design & 2. Ecommerce WordPress Website ) I am getting a lot of impressions on my second gig ( Ecommerce WordPress Website) but my first gig was not getting any impressions. Is it because that my gigs are in same sub-category or something else. Link to my profile - https://www.fiverr.com/supervik086 Please guide me! With ❀ by Supervik.
  6. 2022 is right upon us. And whilst I am new to Fiverr, I have been working in this field for quite a bit. Recently, I have been thinking of trying to hone my skill a bit more, but I want to be specific. So, I have been wondering which type of sites are going to more popular in the coming year? Anyone care to share your thoughts?
  7. Hello Everyone! I am Uzair a new fiverr seller. I have created my gig on fiverr a few days ago and did't got any positive response yet. Here is my gig link https://www.fiverr.com/share/mQX5kz .Please review my gig and give me some tips to improve my gig. Thanks
  8. I want to see buyer request and get jobs. But how ? please suggest me. https://www.fiverr.com/rahetkhan7174?up_rollout=true Wordpress website development (2).mp4
  9. i dont know why i am not getting any feedback from fiverr, but still working on it to get an amazing order from fiverr. love fiverr, hoping from fiverr. thanks.
  10. Is it possible to increase order price after delivery ?
  11. I want to rank my gig in fiverr first page.
  12. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. After becoming level 2 seller, I am having a hard time getting new orders. Moreover, the gig impression and clicks are also lower and interaction with clients about new order are on all time low. Can someone suggest me strategy to get more orders ? Is Fiverr too saturated, will it be better if i move to a new platform. I have only two gigs and most orders came from this gig https://www.fiverr.com/rabbit978/create-responsive-resume-personal-or-portfolio-website The other gig have never done well unfortunately https://www.fiverr.com/rabbit978/build-responsive-wordpress-website-or-blog
  13. I've published some gigs 3days days ago. Now every gig getting clicks and impressions. Can I edit something on my gigs ? or it will damage the gig performance 😞
  14. Hello community, I have a big problem: I entrusted my wordpress site that I created with Avada to a vendor because I wanted to have minor graphical changes. Result: The site is completely shot. In the title it says "Error 56". The seller now tells me that he will not restore the page until I give him 5 stars and do not request another revision. What can I do? I feel helpless. https://9to5escape.de Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? I would like to solve it myself and then request a refund.
  15. I have completed 2 order from Fiverr as a new seller
  16. Hi there! This is wordpress developwer a professional who can create a an eye catching wordpress website, seo friendly, support after delivery and the most important thing that i work with elementor pro. ORDER NOW!!
  17. Alhamdulillah, I published a gig today. The opinion of the experts is important. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/NEG3ro
  18. Hello! I am Ashraf Rafat. I am just new in fiverr. I am a wordpress and ecommerce expert
  19. I have done two works in this gig. But now the work is not coming. I wanted the advice of experienced people. My gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/qk1Bkp
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