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  1. Hi, I'm an expert graphic designer. I have worked in other marketplaces for the last 7-8 years. So I thought let's work on Fiverr now. So like last 1 year I started doing a lot of research about Fiverr Marketplace. I learned all kinds of Fiverr terms and information. Then I uploaded my first gig on 4/08/22. Then on the 5th 20-30 impressions and 5-6 clicks came out in my gig. The next day about 14 impressions came out. Since then my gig impressions and clicks have been declining. The order is not coming. My gig images, titles, tags, descriptions, everything I've done in a perfect way with a lot of research and rules. I was 15-20 hours online in 24 hours. But I still do not understand why this is happening. Is it just me or many others? Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
  2. Hello, I'm @nadunpabasara98 A previous days i got a lot of buyer requests. But from past two days i don't have a any buyer request in "Buyer Request Section". (I'm been online 24 hours a day) Anyone can help me. What is the reason for that?
  3. Hi, I am working as seller on fiverr, my work Category is graphic designing. I want to get orders and become a level seller. Are you know that what is the specific time when lot of buyers are active on fiverr daily?
  4. Hi, I am working as seller on fiverr, my work Category is graphic designing. I want to get orders and become a level seller. Are you know that what is the specific time when lot of buyers are active on fiverr daily?
  5. How do i can increase my gig impression & clicks and engagements . I know some ways like social media shearing and stays online , But is there any other way that i dont know , can someone tell me ?
  6. What is the perfect GIG image size ? Dont want to lose any resoulation when it clciked. Please let me know.
  7. Hello again everyone! My name is Isaiah Washington, and I am called, WOLF. I create in Video Production(Cinematography), Graphic Design, and more recently solely Video Editing for streamers, youtubers, content creators in general, and high quality productions when I can. I offer Video Editing only on this platform so far. This is definitely something very new to me, I've been wavering whether or not to sign up for Fiverr for quite a while and I'm confident I've made the proper decision! I'd love to connect with all who share interests 🙂
  8. How to increase gig impressions and clicks from new sellers on Fiverr and how to get first order?
  9. Hello everyone, I am new on Fiver. I have 2 years of experience in Graphic Designing and provide quality designs. I have posted gig on my profile but since I'm new on fiver, it would be great if any of you could advise me how to get orders and make effective gigs. Thank you very much.
  10. For the purpose of those who have received the order, please help
  11. Alhamdulillah! Finally got an order within 16 day and Completed this project nice way. End of the project client gave me a excellent feedback with 5 star rating that really impressed me. I know it's not something to be said by beating the drums. But this is my first order on fiverr. So I'm very excited and happy. Everyone Pray for me! Thanks!
  12. I ordered a graphic design in order for us to be free from copyright. After only few months, i saw the delivered graphics i bought from another seller. I dont know how was it possible. Are graphic designers on Fiverr even allowed to do that? What’s the stand of Fiverr on this issue? I asked this here because Fiverr doesnt reply.
  13. I Open A New Account on Fiverr. Please Provide Some Advise that will help me get first order .Maybe I Cloud Build My Career In Fiverr For Your Advise. Pray For Me . Thanks For Your Time .
  14. This question is mostly for artists and graphic designers. In case if a buyer makes an order which include several images is it appropriate to ask for commersial use licence for each item? Or it's better to offer commercial use licence once / give a discount for the licence?🤔
  15. How can I increase my order? link : https://www.fiverr.com/istiak2tahsin?up_rollout=true
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