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  1. its really surprising for me as well .How can somebody offer job only if we will report that seller.I have a screenshot of that buyers names as well
  2. hey!! @toutou123 Can you please tell me how to fix this issue on desktop? I am facing the same issue from one week. I am not able to see all the attached files on desktop view. Did you contact to CS regarding your issue and did it get resolved?
  3. hii!! no,it is not just happening with you only, I am facing this issue as well on desktop view from 3- 4 days and don’t know how to solve this 😦 Only If you hit send offer it shows the full text description and You can see whole messages description on mobile app as well.
  4. hiii!! Welcome to Fiverr ! Wishing you all the best:)
  5. hii there!! I am facing same issue regarding my buyer requests on the desktop view from 3 to 4 days.First I thought it will solve itself but it is still there  I can’t see the the job description text fully , just showing half. I am able to view everything on the mobile fiverr app. However if client attach more than one files, desktop view shows only one file but mobile app shows all the attached files:(
  6. hi everyone!! After two years of hard work, today I have achieved level one goal. Thank you everybody for your support and guidance from time to time. Being a housewife and mother of one daughter, it was hard at first but the experiences everyone has shared on the fiver community helped me lot and guided me through the hard times and helped me improve the quality of my work.Thank you all πŸ™‚
  7. Thank you for the Feedback! :hugs: Try to create Youtube and post some usefull content for the Clients. I am sure that search on Youtube will show your content πŸ‰ Did you try to create videos? No,I don’t have my own you tube account yet 😦
  8. Thank you @goodjobman for sharing your valuable tips with us and yes,these two social networking sites will surely help people to promote their services if they find their target clients who need their services on these two sites:) but for me I think it will not work because I’m not connected to my target clients on any social media account ,so how am i supposed to promote?
  9. hi, welcome to Forum:) Thank you for your wishes ,but No one need to pray for the sellers if they have ability to perform good work then they will definitely receive more orders from the buyers and make them happy:)
  10. You are welcome to Fiverr Forum:) Wish you all the best for the next coming orders
  11. Not for me. :thinking: Then may be it only works for me:joy:
  12. I have also faced this prob many time but then I usually refresh the page and it goes πŸ™‚ It always work for me
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