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  1. Hello everybody! Help me please in such question — I’ve got One level and suddenly views and clicks of my profile and gigs went down. I have 5 star rating and very good reviews. What’s happened? Thanks for support!
  2. Hello there, I am a level 1 seller on FIverr. I use to get a decent amount of customers everyday before I marked myself as unavailable for almost a month due to my exams. Now I am not getting any customers at all. I am not even getting good impressions and clicks. Before I used to get around 5K impressions and over 200 clicks on my GIG but now it is almost deserted. What should I do? I used to pay my high school fees from the earnings made on FIverr. Please have a look at my GIG and tell me something. GIG link- https://www.fiverr.com/share/p9pGz8
  3. What is the maximum limit of using FAQ for a gig? What is the maximum FAQ that can be used in a gig? There is a limitation of using FAQ for a gig?
  4. This guy new seller and he have done only 3 work. How he added this portfolio?
  5. For new providers on Fiverr, it can take a few weeks (and sometimes months) to get ranked. So the sooner the better! I’ll try to give you some advice on how to get ranked quicker. Sell something unique. Only 15% of Fiverr providers are ranked in the top, that means that 85% are not. So what are you doing differently from the 85% that are not in the top? The best way to get ranked in Fiverr is to offer something unique. The more unique your gig the faster you will get ranked. Show others how it’s done. What’s the best way to get ranked? Show others how to have a successful business in Fiverr. This will really help you in getting ranked quickly. The more successful you are the faster you will be ranked. More reviews equals more ranking. Positive reviews are the number one factor in ranking. I’ve seen freelancers take only 6 days to rank after getting 6 reviews. So if you are not getting reviews then your are not ranked.
  6. Today I completed an Indian buyer project. But after feedback completed. Now I see. The feedback removed by customer support. Maybe Fiverr still in funny. 😄
  7. Hi,I'am shafeeq.I'am new in Fiver.I have Hear that many proffesionals are there is here.Please help me with any tips that help's a beginner.Hope You will help. thankyou😍
  8. Hello there! Is there any limitation in providing both question and answer at Fiverr FAQ section? or What is the best way to provide many or less Qes or Ans ? Maximum how many ?
  9. Fiverr included this sweet feature called quick responses which are essentially pre-made messages that you can send to a potential buyer. Fiverr allows you to save quick responses along with a title so that you can select the best response possible for a buyer. Since we are living in the age of AI, bots, and automated responses buyers may think these Fiverr quick responses are impersonal, cold, and robotized. But trust me most of the Fiverr top-rated sellers are using this amazing innovation that Fiverr has added and became successful too. 🏆When you are delivering an order to the buyer Hello thushanxeno Thank you for your order and for providing the necessary instructions to do your project. I am glad to say I have completed your project as per your requirements. Please note that if you have any modifications regarding your project don't hesitate to contact me. I am ready to do the necessary modifications for you. if you believe the work I have done is perfect you can complete the order. Please don't forget to share your experience by leaving feedback for me which is really important for me to improve my service and to my freelancing career as well. I am looking forward to working with you again. Best Regards thushanxeno
  10. Which is the Fiverr.com buyer requiest URL ?
  11. To add a skill on Fiverr, follow the following steps. Login to your Fiverr account. Click on your profile picture and select profile. Scroll down to Skills and select Add New.
  12. I join Fiverr Feb 2021. I created 3 gigs. Within 1 month I received a few orders and completed them with 5 Star reviews. but one day I got an order from an ind-XX client I complete his job but when the time came for delivery, he canceled the order. After that, my gig was soo down. A few weeks later I got another order and it was complete with 5 stars also. After a few days later, I got an order from another ind-XX client again, and it happened again. Now I have no order No impressions no clicks. To be honest, what should I do now? Do I have to create a new gig? or a new account? A few things: I'm so good at my skills and I'm confident enough to do it.
  13. Dear all, What should I do if someone wants to design duplicate government ID or vaccine card, driving licence etc.? May i design duplicate one? What is the guidelines... Thank you.
  14. Hello, I'm facing a problem when I'm trying to send buyer requests! The problem is: On my buyer request page I don't get any updated buyer requests. I get the buyer's request 1/2 days later. That means, like a buyer who creates a request today. I don't get that request today. Everyone gets the request today but I'm not! I get the request after 1/2 days. I didn't face this problem when I was a new seller & level 1 seller. But after I got the level 2 seller status, then I'm facing this problem every day! I thought this is may any technique issue and it will fix one day. But it's almost passed more than 1 month! But still, I'm facing this problem. I can't send buyer requests. You know there is no benefit to sending offers for old requests. that is already hired! But I don't get any regular instant updated requests. I get all requests 1/2 days later! that means I get the old request, not the new request! I get all new requests after 1/2 days later. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. I'm so disappointed about it! Please help me! (I've attached a screenshot of today, please see that as well) Kind regards, amran5r
  15. What will be the best way for promoting by gigs on Fiverr and get more attraction buyers ?
  16. How many gigs do you think a new seller should publish? If you consider yourself successful. And think you have the experience to answer this question correctly. Then only you answer. Because the answers to these questions may touch a new seller's dream of success!
  17. The Buyer requests did not update since six days😟 and keep showing the same buyer requests. Is it the same for you?🙄
  18. if any fake Bayer sent me what's app number directly in my inbox. what i to do that situation? THANK YOU!
  19. i have a question. if i sent portfolio (google spreadsheet link) file in buyer request reply. is it any problem for my account or it broke any fiverr TOS? Note: my category is "data entry" thank you !
  20. why my massage not sent to my client. it come from my buyer request reply. and it says unavailable in corner of client account. Note: buyer was saying about zoom call. and what should i do now. advance thanks!
  21. I have a buyer's order. Half the work is done. But I can't finish the other half because the page number of the buyer's word document file is random. He said he would send me the word file and then I would do the rest. But even after knocking the buyer many times, I can't get any reply. Meanwhile, the delivery time ends today. What should I do now?
  22. Hey all, How are you? I want to know if I limit my orders in the gig, will it affect the ranking of my gig. As the gig will disappear after reaching the queue, once those orders are completed, will my gig show in the same ranking as previous. Currently, it is in the first page, since I'm getting too many orders. So, I'm thinking of limiting the orders in a queue? I want to if I do it, will I be in the first page as before? Fiverr FAQ says it won't affect the ranking. I want to make sure by asking someone who has done it before. Looking forward for your help... Thank you! 😊
  23. Can I use this Extension? Is it harmful to my account? Extension link.
  24. Hi, I have a problem with confirming my accounts ID. I think it gives you 2 weeks to confirm it, and I've been trying to do it for the past 3 days. Firstly, the QR code it gives me to scan doesn't work on either Apple or Samsung and the link it sends to your phone isn't coming through either. I now have 1 day left, and I don' t really plan on losing the account. I have no pending money in it, but I do have gig reviews. I don't know if the servers in my area are just being dodgy, or if its a problem on my end. What should I do?
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