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  1. How i get my first order because i am not getting any breifs? here is my profile link can someone see it and tell me what should i do for getting orders? https://www.fiverr.com/users/manans_design/seller_dashboard
  2. Hello, I started out as a seller on Fiverr around a month ago, offering Web-related services. I've been getting a consistent increase in clicks and impressions but no orders or a single message. I have improved my gig images and thumbnail several times, yet, no luck. Can someone critique my profile or gigs to help me get better? How long into Fiverr did you get your first order? I will be grateful.
  3. I am a level 2 seller and haven't received any order since 2 months. I have done SEO, social media marketing, changed gig images but nothing worked. Is there anyone else who is facing the issue? If anyone can review my profile and gigs, let me know so that I can share the link to be reviewed,
  4. Dear Senior Brothers, As we know the buyer request option is off for us. And I didn't receive any order from Fiverr been 7 months. I need help to know how I can grow up my Fiverr account by getting orders. Dear senior brother, please give me some advice to know how can I get orders on my gigs. www.fiverr.com/frelancer_niloy?up_rollout=true
  5. Hello. Please see the attached impression graph of my main gig. I have numbered the number of times my gigs got de-ranked in the graph. I got my gigs got de-ranked 8 times since I started to sell my services on Fiverr. But it was bearable as I got orders between the de-rankings to make a living. And the de-rankings gave me time to up my game by fine-tuning my gigs to provide quality work with the best customer service. Plus, every good seller out there should have a chance to be re-ranked and get orders. But I cannot say the same thing for the 8th (present) de-ranking I'm experiencing. There were only four days between the 7th and 8th de-ranking where I did not get any orders. There were only four orders since the 7th de-ranking (since 07th November 2022) up until now. I managed to get them via social media sharing and from returning buyers, for which I got 5-star ratings. And looking at the four positive reviews I received for them and two buyers placing back-to-back orders, I'm NOT worried about their private feedback. So I believe this unfortunate situation occurred from the order I completed on 07th November 2022. A buyer with +500 seller reviews contacted me and checked my availability. I said that I was available and listened to his requirement. After making sure he read and understood my gig conditions, I sent him a custom offer covering all his needs. The buyer accepted it within a minute and then expressed there was some extra work as well. Then he vaguely answered the questions and submitted the questionnaire promising he would complete it in 24 hours. I politely explained to him that I needed the details asap as the order clock had started. And he had sent the details via a Fiverr message along with a few video links after about 12 hours while I was asleep. So I read it about 20 hours after the commencement of the order. I noted there was too much extra work he did not mention in the initial discussion. If it had been a small amount of extra work, I would not mind. I would do it for free, as I generally do when I face similar situations. But his extra work was a lot. Then I messaged him back and attempted to start a conversation about the discrepancies between his initial requirement and the requirements he had sent. What he did was initiate a dispute requesting to cancel the order mutually. It was like he did not even bother to explain. I rejected the request mentioning there was no error from my side and that I do not wish my gigs to be de-ranked because of this cancellation. It seemed the buyer gave me an ultimatum; to complete the order regardless of the extra work or cancel it. I did not wish my gigs to get de-ranked for another 5 1/2 months like the 1st time (I wrote a separate post regarding that incident 1 year and 2 months back. You can find it in: community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/265055-fiverr-gig-de-ranked-for-5-months-after-an-argument-with-a-vid-buyer-followed-by-an-order-cancellation/#comment-1651800 ). So I said I would deliver the requested work. Then I gave extra special attention to his order and proceeded with it. I made sure to separately present the default work and extra work I did on the delivery PDF. I hoped the buyer would notice the quantity of the extra work I had done and consider additional pay as a tip. I delivered the PDF 24 hours before the deadline and was hoping for the best. After about two days, the buyer completed the order and gave me a 5-star rating with a positive review (As you know, I was not aware of his rating until I rated him). But I never received an extra payment as I expected. I knew I deserved it for the amount of effort I put in. So I gave him a 1-star rating and wrote a summary of my negative experience as the review. I believe it triggered the buyer to submit negative private feedback. And I am pretty sure it caused these two consecutive gig de-rankings spanning 41 days and counting. I contacted Fiverr customer service and asked for clarification on the last-say of buyer. I needed to know whether there is a system to nullify negative private feedback from a buyer if they have given a 5-star rating to the same order and provided a positive review. It seems there is not. This incident again made me feel the buyer always gets the last saying whatever their actions were, and the seller has to pay the price by getting de-ranked. I really wish my gigs would be re-ranked soon.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm here too with one of those not-so-nice questions. I launched my first gig as early as March 2022. Gig offers video editing services. During this time, I was able to work hard in November, when I managed to get my first order, after which Fiverr gave me a "Rising Talent" sticker. After receiving this chip, the orders just poured in, I managed to make 13 orders for a little more than $1000 in less than a month. That's how I reached "Level One" by the first numbers of December. In total, I received 9 reviews in a month, and all of them were 5 stars. All profile status is 100% and I always get a response within one hour. And now, after my entire account (10 orders and $400, that's all, you see) began to correspond to the first one - Fiverr took away the "Rising Talent" sticker from me. More than a week has passed since that day, and what do you think? There was no order or client who simply wrote to me. I am already quietly silent about new orders. Gig statistics are falling rapidly. Maybe someone has already dealt with this? Maybe now I have to wait for December 15, so that they gave me that "Level One" and some activity will start again? Thank you all for your attention and maybe someone can throw in some ideas or just share their experience? Thank you.
  7. hello so i'm a level two selller on this platform, and everything was going great when i started, i was getting arround 1k impressions a day, then i had some late deliveries like 4-5 months ago so i dropped until a new seller and on this period i wasn't getting orders from new people, so i thought that maybe the reason is that i was a new seller and my stats were just so bad everything was arround 70-80% and my avg response time was like 14h so i wasn't surprised of not getting orders, the problem is that i got back into level 2 seller the 15th of this month, and all my profile stats are perfect (i attached a screenshot) and all my last buyers left a 5 star review, like everything is perfect by my side and i'm active 24h on fiverr, but i'm getting lower than 100 impression a day on all my gigs, and my main gig that have 185 review on it isn't on the first pages of the platform, btw i'm in a nich where the is no big competition, there is buyers with 0 reviews on the first page but i can't find my gig in the first 20 pages, i'm always contacting the support about this problem but i'm always getting the same text from them, i feel like i'm getting puniched and my account is blacklisted on the platform, there is any solution ? here's the gig that i'm talking about :https://www.fiverr.com/slappyvfx/professionally-edit-your-fortnite-montage
  8. I created my gig yesterday. I put a lot of time and keywords into my job description. Did I do everything right? I’m also hesitant to promote my gig on social media, because even though I hear from people that I should do it, I also hear that is against the Terms of Service.
  9. Hello Everyone, I was a bit confused about the fact that my gig is ranking on first for the most of my main keywords but still I'm not getting much impressions. recently about 5 months ago when i was ranking on the first page i was getting like 10K Impressions but now I'm not getting any impressions and orders as well. Kindly guide me about this. Thanks
  10. Hi all, I recently (about two weeks ago) set up my Fivver gig to provide editing support to writers. I haven't received any views at all on my gig and I'm not to sure what I'm doing wrong. I have a full time job so I'm nervous about posting my services on my LinkedIn, which limits my options on where I can advertise my services. I'm not sure what I can do to get views and offers for my gig, can anyone give me some advice?
  11. This is 6th month I am without any order. Also buyer requests are not visible to me. is there any issue in my gig here is my gig link. My fiver Gig please tell me if there any issue. also I have more 800 impression for last 6 month on my gig.
  12. I am an (almost) Level 2 seller but unfortunately I haven't gotten any orders since 4 months. Previously when I was getting messages from potential buyers, I had to turn them down because I was suffering from a CTS flare up. I got approached by a repeat buyer who asked me if I'm available and I said yes, and they disappeared after that. I am just one order away from Level 2 and in desperate need of some buyers. What has helped you all, other than gig promotions and responding to buyer requests? Even buyer requests don't work for me as they are not my niche. 😞
  13. Although I have used some social marketing tools like twitter marketing, Linkedin Marketing I cannot get any orders.. Can you please suggest me some tips and tricks to get orders apart from that marketing.
  14. Hi people, I've been on fiver for 2 months now and the only order i took from a client i directed to my gig from outside of the platform. I would apretiate any advice to fix what might be wrong with my gigs Profile Example Gig #01 Example Gig #02 I also atached the view of gig stats. .
  15. Hi there, I am a graphic designer and selling services on Fiverr for 2 months. I am not getting impressions, clicks, and orders. I send buyer requests but I am not getting 10 buyer requests daily. I send maximum 4 buyer requests in a day. Sometimes, I get a reply from a buyer request but not get order. Please check my gig and give me suggestions. https://www.fiverr.com/share/vEw11D
  16. I have no orders on fiverr after vacation mode, I cant even see my gig on the page when I search it up anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Hey everyone, Hope you guys are doing great! Just wanted to share my struggle and small success with you guys. So this is my 2 months journey of completing the level one seller threshold, I signed up on Fiverr a long time ago but I didn't get any orders at those times and it has to do with the fact I had zero knowledge about creating an effective gig or writing a good proposal to a client. I lost hope and my family was struggling at that time so I couldn't waste my time anymore and started to look for a job. I worked for different small companies and also with local clients but I had to leave the work soon after because my father had a heart attack and doctors shared that it's his 3rd heart attack and we have to go for surgery, I'm from a lower-middle-class family with a lot of debt on our shoulders. So it was really hard to go through this, I had to stay by his side at the hospital for a month and I was certain I will lose my job and I did. After all the surgeries we have a mountain of debts and there is no earning member in the family. All hope was lost I was in a panic about how will we return all the debts and survive, I began to search for different ways to earn money nothing was helping. Hopelessly I logged into my Fiverr account not expecting to get any order, I tried doing my research on how to get the 1st order and watched a lot of successful Fiverr sellers how they did it and took their tips and started building my profile. I would sit in front of my computer every day and complete all the buyer's requests very carefully and about a month later one client was impressed with my offer letter and hired me for the job and the 1st order was $50, I was beyond happy when I received the message on my phone from Fiverr App. I delivered the work with 100% precision and he is my star client now I started to understand more about how to get clients and started to get more orders. From March 27 to May 31 I've reached the Level 1 Seller threshold. I know many people did this may be less than a month and maybe achieved higher thresholds but I want to dedicate this post to all the people who are not getting orders, who lost their hope on Fiverr, don't know what to do, who are helpless like I was. I just want to tell you that "You've been walking a long road and it's been really dark all the way but If you keep on walking on the same road there will shine a light soon. Don't loose hope, You can do it"
  18. I was going well. One of My GIG was in ranking from long time then. Suddenly Fiverr deranked My GIG. That means if any buyer will search my tags then they will not be able to find my gigs on the ranking page. Because of this I'm not getting any order. Any Tips?
  19. I've completed 9 projects since publishing Gig last month, all of which have a 5-star rating. There is no warning in my account. But this month my gig impressions have diminished and there is no order, What should I do now?
  20. Hi, I am Ava. Its been over 2 years since i joined fiverr and at starting I got 3-4 order and now I am facing a issue of recieving no response from the buyer. I have replied to offers ( 600 answered till now ) and even I respond with all details and about their work and pricing. Can anyone check my profile and tell me what I should have to do in order to recieve orders. Thank you in advance, Ava
  21. I uploaded 2 gigs on Fiverr 3 days ago. My Gigs have catchy images, videos and portfolios attached. They are getting impressions but not enough clicks. In my own perspective, i left no stone unturned to get orders but clearly i am lacking something or am i just being impatient? An expert and experienced advice will be much appreciated. My Gigs are populated on low competitive keywords. I am also sending buyer requests but still no response.
  22. I've published 7gigs almost 5days ago and i'm getting much clicks and impressions. But no orders or buyers' msg yet What should i DO now ? Can I edit my gigs even after getting much clicks and impressions? or it will hamper in rank position 😞
  23. Greetings Every One! I have been on fiverr from couple of years now and have maintained my level two status from over a year now. I recently got a notification about getting my ID verified - i tried getting it done but it did not work - and my gigs got denied - with a struggle of over a month i got my gigs back but i am not receiving close to no orders. What can I do to get the volume back ? Any Suggestions ? My Profile is https://www.fiverr.com/jeffry_dot?up_rollout=true
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